Guide to the virtual world of clones #

“Golden Clone” is a global online strategy game with intense economic, social and political life.

Origin of the project #

In the summer of 2007, the world became acquainted with the operating system for mobile phones, which today occupies a decent share of the market - iOS™. A little over a year later, its main competitor, Android™, entered the market. No one had heard words like “cryptocurrency” or “bitcoin” then: they would appear only in 2009.

However, in the spring of 2007, even before all the above-mentioned upheavals in the IT industry, our online strategy “Golden Clone” was born. And since then, it has been passing through time like a constant, constantly developing and maintaining its strong economic core. The “Golden Clone” can be compared to a small tree that was planted in 2007. Since every year the game modules grow and the virtual world scales, the game has now turned into a spreading oak tree with a strong trunk and a huge crown.

Development #

Initially, the main idea of the game was to evaluate the impact of various economic models on a virtual earth inhabited by characters called clones. A few time passed, and the game began to transform from a simple economic simulator into a full-fledged virtual world. From year to year our community grew and became stronger and more friendly. Many users found interesting game modules for themselves, gained knowledge and expanded their horizons.

Present time #

After 15 years of development, Golden Clone is a global online strategy game with intense economic, social and political life. Our game world, like the real world, never stops, but is constantly developing and improving.

An entire generation has already grown up on our online strategy: those who came to the world of clones at the age of 18 have already celebrated 33, and those who were 33 at that time have already celebrated 48! Many of them, thanks to the skills acquired in the project, became successful traders, businessmen or top managers not only in virtual spaces, but also in real life!

Golden Clone has also acquired some characteristics of a social network and of a play-to-earn platform due to its strong community and demand for resources earned in the game fromother players.

Our mission #

Our mission is to create a harmonious and stress-resistant ecosystem, built on the basis of democratic principles, which will allow our community to spend their free time with interest and benefit: playing, sharing experiences, understanding the basics of financial literacy and respect for resources, and, of course, earning income. We want the virtual world to teach you to be attentive and punctual, analyze and negotiate, think and calculate, save and achieve your goals!

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