Game account

Game account #

In this section you can read about the Golden Clone game servers, how to protect your account, and much more.

Game servers #

Today, our project has 2 game servers: “Metropolis – 2007” and “Enclave – 2020”.

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Bonuses for newbies #

In order to simplify the development of new accounts in the world of clones, the state has introduced special preferences for accounts that are less than 365 days old from the date of registration.

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Account rating #

This is an indicator of your account development level . With a high score, you will receive payments from various funds.

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Multiple Entry #

If necessary, you can create several game accounts and set up convenient multiple logins.

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Two-factor authentication #

2FA is a modern method of protecting your account from hackers.

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Account blocking #

To avoid blocking your account, you need to follow simple rules. We are for fair play!

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Game currency #

In the world of clones, there are 2 currencies: clonecoin and gold.

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Choosing a mentor #

Choosing a mentor

It is best to start your journey in the world of clones by choosing a mentor who will help you avoid mistakes and walk the path to success. Mentor’s assistance in the game is not only free, it can even bring some bonuses.

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Refectory #


The refectory is the place where all clones of your account eat. Here you can not only serve food, but also set other important settings.

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Storage #


Resources and other valuables of the entire account are stored here. You can configure automatic collecting resources and other things from the inventory of all clones, as well as the ability of all clones to use items from the storage.

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Renaming #

If necessary, you can change the name of your clone, or the name of various buildings.

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