Choosing a mentor

Choosing a mentor #


The virtual world of a gaming business simulator is quite voluminous; everything needs to be sorted out. Mentors will come to your aid - more experienced participants who have already achieved success in development. They will be able to answer absolutely any of your questions! In addition to answering questions, they will always give wise advice and suggest the right path, and then carefully guide you along it.

Only a newcomer with the status of a tramp (the only clone on the account) can choose his first mentor. If you have upgraded the status of the first clone and have not chosen a mentor, this opportunity remains until the account reaches 30 days from the date of creation. This can be done on the “Select a mentor” page (“Work” → “Embassy” → “Choose a mentor”). You are offered a list of 5 mentors to choose from - participants who have achieved the best results. You can choose one mentor for yourself. Every new day the list will be updated and increased by 5 candidates, new mentors will be added to it, but they will be inferior to the first ones in terms of their level of development.

Attention! If you choose a mentor after you have begun training to become an craftsman, the experience points due to you will not be awarded to this character. All other characters that will be created on the account will be awarded experience according to the rules.

If you want to select a specific mentor, enter his name into the search box on the “Select a Mentor” page below the list of mentors and click the “Set” button. This method will work even if the mentor you want to choose is not yet on the list.

Attention! To choose a mentor, you must completely fill in your personal information in your account settings. To save data, you must enter your account password. If you registered through a social network and do not know your password, you need to log out of your account and go through the password recovery procedure on the main page of the site (follow the “Forgot your password” link). After this, you will be able to log into your account both through the social network and by entering your login/password.

After choosing a mentor, contact him via in-game mail. A tramp clone can write to his mentor without restrictions (the usual limit for tramps: 1 letter per hour does not apply here).

If your mentor hasn’t met your expectations, you can abandon him and find a new one. The mentor, in turn, can also refuse the student. A tramp can change mentors without restrictions. Craftsmen and clones of higher statuses must choose a new mentor whithin 15 days after abandoning the previous one, otherwise they will lose this opportunity forever. You can change your mentor no more than once a day.

By communicating with a mentor, a clone gains knowledge and becomes more experienced. Before starting general education (to improve your status), enter your mentor’s name in a special field - and after receiving a new social status you will receive a bonus.

Table. Bonuses to the student for increasing the status of clones

Status receivedBonus for training with a mentor
Craftsman500 experience
Peasant500 experience
Bourgeois500 experience
Merchant500 experience
Baron500 intention
Count500 intention
Emperor1000 intention

If you are already a peasant, bourgeois or merchant, you will be able to choose as your mentor only the player whose account score is no less than yours. Clones of the social class “Baron” and above cannot change their mentor - they are considered to be quite experienced and wise in life in the virtual world of clones. If your account score or clone status becomes higher than your mentor’s, you will automatically abandon him.

Why should a mentor teach you? #

As students develop, they earn points for their mentors.

The score of your account received during your training with this mentor is the points that the mentor receives. At the end of the year, the winners of the “Tournament of Mentors” are determined according to the number of points scored. Therefore, every mentor is interested in high-quality training for his wards.