In-game currency

In-game currency #

In-game currency

In the world of clones, there are two game currencies: a gold coin (in the game it is most often called simply: “gold”, “golden”) and Clonecoin.

Use of currencies #

Clonecoin is used for external operations - deposits and withdrawals of funds, as well as for transferring funds between accounts on different servers and between players.

Gold coin is an in-game currency used for payments in the game. Salaries, dividends and other payments in the game are paid in gold coins

Wallet #

A wallet is where your gold coins and Clonecoins are stored. Each gaming account has a unique account number. You can view it by clicking on the number of clonecoins in the upper left corner of the screen

You can also link a cryptocurrency wallet , which runs on the Solana blockchain, to your account. Thanks to the cryptocurrency wallet, you can withdraw clonecoins yourself. You can deposit clonecoins from any wallet, even if it is not linked to your account. It is also possible to deposit a special resource “krypton” on this page. More detailed rules for depositing and withdrawing Clonecoins can be found in the sections “Depositing cryptocurrency” (“Wallet” → “Depositing cryptocurrency”) and “Withdrawal of cryptocurrency” (“Wallet” → “Withdrawal of cryptocurrency”). The resource “krypton” can be deposited into the game and withdrawn to the blockchain.

Buying Clonecoins from Bankers #

Clonecoins can also be purchased from bankers in the “Private Bank” section (“Investor” → “Private Bank”) To top up your gaming account, buy the required number of Clonecoins from the banker. To do this, contact him by in-game mail - click on the envelope icon next to the banker’s name. Withdrawal of Clonecoins is also available through bankers.

Clonecoin exchange #

Transactions to swap Clonecoins into gold coins and back are carried out on the Currency exchange.

Gold coin to Clonecoin exchange rate is set based on supply and demand on the exchange at the moment. That is, this course is essentially determined by the players themselves. In exceptional cases, this rate may be set by the clone “State Commissioner of the Clone World”.

Trading on the Currency Exchange takes place in accordance with the rules of the Trade guild.

Attention! You can withdraw only those Clonecoins that were credited to your game account through exchange on the in-game currency exchange. This precaution has been introduced for safety reasons.