In-game mail #

In-game mail

Using in-game mail, your clone can contact any other clone. To do this, you need to select the “Mail” tab, which is located in the header of the game interface.

Private messages #

To send a personal message to a clone, in the “Mail” tab, you need to click the “Create” button and write the name of the clone to whom you want to send a message in the appropriate column.

Mass messages #

Clones - owners of houses, settlements and principalities, as well as enterprises can also send a message to all residents or employees from the corresponding pages in a few clicks.

Blocking messages #

By clicking on the “Block” button located next to the clone’s name in the letter, you can add the clone to the black list and stop receiving messages from him, while you can write to such a clone.

System messages #

In addition to dialogues with other clones, you will receive system messages about various game events that occur with your clone using in-game mail.

You can configure system messages by selecting only the events that interest you and disable notifications about others.