Parliament #


The Parliament in the world of “Golden Clone” is an important body where players can actively participate in the development of the game universe.

General provisions #

To introduce bills for consideration, the player must have the status of “baron” or higher.

Before being sent to Parliament, each bill is pre-moderated by government cabinet commissioners to ensure that the proposal complies with the rules of the game. Players with the status of “bourgeois” and higher can take part in the discussion of bills, provided that the “bourgeois” and “merchant” have at least 200 units of “charisma”.

Only the author of the bill has the right to make changes to his draft, which avoids conflicts when making changes.

All players have access to information about the work of parliament and the government cabinet, including statistics and information about current bills. They can see the following information:

  • statistics on the work of institutions;
  • bills being finalized and their history;
  • bills being developed by the Duma;
  • bills in the voting process;
  • bills in the process of implementation.

Before the bill is passed, it undergoes a vote among all residents of the land of clones.

Voting and approval of bills #

The voting and approval of bills in the Clone Land Parliament represents an important stage in the process of forming the game rules and policies.

Clones of Craftsman status and above are granted the right to vote on bills.

All clones on the account, except tramps, express the same opinion when voting, which is counted as the vote of the account owner.

Voting lasts 3 days.

During voting, the voting page displays the number of clones of each status who voted “for” and “against”. This data is public.

Residents of the land of clones receive notifications about voting through in-game mail and in the news feed.

For a bill to be approved, the following conditions must be met:

  • the majority of the social weight of clones (an indicator of clones’ wealth) of voters expressed support for the bill;
  • at least 20% of clones with the social status “emperor”, out of the total number of emperors on all game servers, voted “for”.

Approved bills are transferred to the state cabinet.

Passed laws can change the rules and mechanics of the game, making participation in parliament an important aspect of players’ strategy.

State Cabinet #

The state cabinet plays an important role in managing the game world and developing the gameplay.

The State cabinet is responsible for creating game content, monitoring compliance with game rules and developing game scenarios. It has the right to veto adopted bills if they diverge greatly from the logic of the game’s development.

The Cabinet can implement bills without the participation of Parliament, especially if they require confidentiality in implementation in order to preserve the interest of the game.

The Cabinet determines priorities for the implementation of bills, establishing their order in the game process. This is done to comply with the planned logic of the game’s development.

The State Cabinet has the right to participate in the discussion of bills and make recommendations.

The State Cabinet Commissioner acts as a representative of the state and plays a key role in implementing cabinet decisions.

Parliament provides players with the opportunity to actively participate in forming the rules and policies of the game universe, making it an important tool in the development of the land of clones.