Refectory #


The refectory is a place where all clones of your account eat food, driink kvass, restore health, can set automatic healing settings and train intention. Stamina is necessary for the clone every day to maintain strength and carry out work activities.

Each food product has energy value - units of stamina. The second column of the table displays these values.

The third column displays the number of products of each type in the clone’s inventory and storage.

In the fourth column you will see the number of stamina units that you can get by serving this type of product on the table for feeding clones.

To serve food on the table in the refectory, enter the quantity in the required boxes and click on the “Serve” button below the table. In this case, the value of the “Total in your refectory” field will increase by the number of stamina units that were served. This is the available amount of stamina that your clones can use.

“Estimated reserve” shows how many days the current stamina reserve will last for all account clones during normal operation. Try to keep at least a couple of days’ supply just in case.

Detailed statistics on stamina consumption from the refectory and the approximate time for which the clones will have enough stamina available can be found in the “Food Log” section. Please note that the remaining time calculation is approximate and may differ from actual consumption.

Clones will spend stamina automatically as needed. If you need to increase the stamina of a specific clone immediately, you can do it in the “Restore Stamina” tab.

You can configure the automatic supply of certain types of products from the clone’s inventory to the refectory. In this case, the products, once in the clone’s inventory, will immediately (within 5-10 minutes) be served in the refectory. This is convenient, for example, if a clone uses goods produced by its livestock for its own consumption - eggs, milk, and so on.

To enable autofeed, check the required boxes and click the “Save” button. Please note that each clone has its own automatic product feed settings. Automatic feeding is performed only from the clone’s inventory. All products that are in storage will not be served. Take this feature into account when simultaneously enabling the settings for automatic feeding in the refectory and automatic collection of resources in the storage settings.

Supplying products to the refectory is an irreversible operation! It is impossible to convert stamina back into food. However, you can exchange stamina for stamina coupons and vice versa. Stamina coupons are used in some game situations - for example, to update robbers’ leads or to purchase Merchant Guild securities at an auction. Stamina coupons can also be sold on the exchange.

Kvass #

Kvass is a traditional Slavic sour drink prepared on the basis of fermentation from bread with malt or from dried bread. You can buy kvass at the fair. Kvass is produced by princes and the owners of the settlements in which the enterprise, the kvass brewery, is built.

Basic properties of kvass #

With each bottle of kvass consumed, the clone increases one of the characteristics (your choice):

  • military skills (+10 points);
  • military initiative (+2 points).

Each bottle of kvass can add one unit of special skills except for “criminal authority” and “thief’s luck”. Special skill is selected randomly. The special skills obtained in this way remains with the clone forever.

Kvass can be drunk after each fight in the refectory in the amount of 1 to 3 bottles. You can set up automatic consumption of kvass. In this case, the clone will drink kvass after the end of each battle, including when participating in tournaments.

Additionally, kvass can be consumed during training in the Training Arena (if the clone serves in the princely squad). In this case, you can drink up to 5 bottles of kvass per training session, depending on the arena development level. This option is available on the training page.

Kvass must be in the clone’s inventory or storage to be consumed.

Don’t forget that a clone’s own military skills (basic skills) is limited.

Additional properties of kvass #

A clone can drink kvass to convert points of Additional bonus for kvass into military skills.

“Additional bonus for kvass” can be earned in the following ways:

  • training at the battle arena of the principality;
  • participating in battles as part of the princely squad;
  • participating in battles as part of a bandit army.

If a clone has “Additional bonus for kvass” points, then each bottle of kvass drunk will add 33 points of military skills.

A clone can drink a maximum of 3 bottles of kvass at a time.

Health recovery #

Initially (at birth) the clone receives 100 health points (this is the maximum possible value). During combat, the clone loses health points when he is hit by an enemy. The character never dies, he only loses the battle due to lack of health points.

Health points can be replenished in two ways:

  • Every day (at the estimated time) 20 health points are automatically restored. Thus, a clone can fully restore health up to 100 points in 5 days;
  • You can use “Health Elixir ” in the Refectory.

One elixir immediately replenishes your health to the maximum of 100 points, regardless of how many points are required. You can purchase it at the Fair or make it yourself in the alchemy laboratory in the “For Clones” section (“Trade” → “Magic Items” → “For Clones”).

In the refectory, you can set up automatic healing of your clones (all or just selected ones) as needed by setting a threshold value of health points. This is a useful feature if you don’t want to spend a whole elixir on restoring a couple of units of a clone’s health. For example, you may decide not to treat clones that, after the tournament battle, have 97 or 99 health points, that is, they are practically healthy. If a clone’s health is below the required level before the battle, he will drink the elixir from the inventory or storage and enter the battle safe and sound.

Stamina Coupons #

Stamina units from the refectory can be exchanged for stamina coupons.

Stamina Coupons are required to participate in the Securities Auction when purchasing Trade Guild securities. They are also used to update tip-offs for robbers.

1 unit of stamina corresponds to 1 stamina coupon, the exchange can be made in both directions. When exchanging, stamina units are taken from the refectory, and the resulting coupons appear in the inventory of the current clone.

If you no longer need the coupons, they can be exchanged for stamina. After the exchange, stamina will be added to the refectory.

Training the “Intent” characteristic #

To train intention in the refectory, the clone must live in his own or rented house and spend additional stamina. You can train a maximum of 5 units of intention per day in the refectory.

Table. Cost of training 1 unit of intention in the refectory

House levelStamina

Castles have one special property: if the castle in which the clone lives has the most developed social policy, then training 1 unit of intention will require only 3 units of stamina.

You can set the number of intention units the clone will automatically receive at the beginning of each day.