Storage #


The Storage is a centralized location for storing all resources, items and other in-game valuables for all your characters. The storage allows you to easily and simply manage the goods acquired by your clones. The storage is not owned by any individual clone, but by an account and is available to all of your clones.

Construction #

Table. Cost of building a storage


Repair #

Every 30 days, repair work is required; 2 units of wood and stone are spent on them. You can enable the function “Automatically repair the storage in case of breakdown”, in this case the storage will be repaired if the necessary resources are at the time of repair either in the inventory of the main clone or in the storage when the function “Automatically issue the required items or resources to clones when necessary” is enabled. The status of the main clone of the account must be higher than a tramp.

In the storage settings, you can also activate the function of automatically purchasing the required resource if it is not available. The main clone will buy the missing resource from the commodity exchange and immediately use it to repair the storage when necessary.

Table. Automatic storage repair

Automatic repair+
Automatic purchase of a resource for repairs+
Maximum automatic purchase price5 times more expensive than the nominal price

Attention! When purchasing a resource automatically, the general rule applies: the current minimum purchase price for each type of resource cannot exceed five times its nominal price. If the resource is more expensive, the purchase will not be made.

Managing items in storage #

Everything in the storage can be taken by any clone of the account (except for a tramp), the storage should be repaired. If the storage is faulty, the collection and distribution of resources and other things are stopped until it is repaired. However, everything is safe and does not disappear.

Attention! You can throw away items and resources from storage if you no longer need them. The operation is irreversible, so be careful. In the settings you can disable the display of this button.

In the storage ledger you can find the history of transactions with all resources and items that have been received or issued from the storage during the last 3 months.

Collecting items into storage #

You can simply collect the necessary items into storage and just as easily distribute everything you need to your clones. The table reflects everything that has been deposited by your clones.

You can choose to display all the property in the storage at once, or only items belonging to one group, for example: resources, food, clothing, etc. Accordingly, by clicking on one button at the bottom of the table, you can collect and transfer to storage all the resources of this category from all account clones.

In the storage settings, you can select resources or other valuables that, immediately after appearing in the clones’ inventory (upon purchase, harvesting, etc.), will automatically go to the storage. This happens within up to 5 minutes. There you can manually collect a certain type of item from all clones into storage one-time.

Issue from storage #

When you hover your cursor over a number indicating the amount of certain resources or items, you can move all items or a selected amount from the storage to the inventory of the current clone.

When the “Automatically give clones the required items or resources when needed” function is active in the storage settings, the clones will automatically take the required items or resources when they are in short supply.

Attention! Automatic supply of food from storage to the refectory is not possible.

In the storage settings you can also set automatic weapon control for all or individual clones. If this function is activated, and the weapon breaks in battle (durability decreases to 0), then after the battle the clone will take a similar weapon from the storage (if available in the storage).