Partner program

Partner program #

A strong state is a state whose residents are united, honest and like-minded.

The partner program is available at the following address:

“Metropolis” Server -

“Enclave” Server -

Each game server has its own affiliate account and they do not overlap in any way.

A resident who has become a partner in the Golden Clone business simulator is a government envoy. His mission is to tell about the land of clones in a simple and clear way. This will help the state grow and recruit talented and ambitious people.

Jordan Belfort’s book “The Wolf of Wall Street Method” is highly recommended for reading (not to be confused with the book “The Wolf of Wall Street”, although it is also interesting). Belfort will teach you how to become a great salesman, negotiator, deal maker, entrepreneur, and speaker. His sales system is so simple and effective that literally within a few days it can bring success to anyone who masters it. This game is a simulator in which you have the opportunity to learn and hone your skills in practice!

To start partnering activities, you need to receive a partner link. This can be done after registering on the parner program website.

A referral is a participant who came and registered using your parner link. All clones in his account will be your referrals.

All basic statistics of your affiliate activities will be displayed in your personal parner account.

The Golden Clone partner program is an excellent option for passive income. Advertise your parner link, invite your acquaintances and friends to register using it, help them get comfortable and begin to develop. The virtual state will be happy to thank you for the development of each of your referrals’ clones . The game currency - gold coins - is exchanged for Clonecoins and then for real money.

Most participants have more than one clone (game character), some have more than 100, and some have even more than 1000. The number of clones per participant is not limited. Therefore, there are also no restrictions on the amount of a partner’s income.

The parner program is, in essence, a form of gratitude to those who help develop the project, attracting the attention of the Internet community to it.

Our gaming simulator has many advantages, it is multifaceted, and this is a reason for interesting advertising:

  • Jewelry - exclusive gifts for players.
  • Additional game server “Enclave” with unique types of resources and a separate economy.
  • The main game is the Metropolis server - a full-fledged simulator of the life of the state and its economic processes.
  • We follow all the achievements in the development of mankind, technologies and theories, we use a lot in our work: the ideas of Jacques Fresco, biotechnology, renewable energy, financial flows of Robert Kiyosaki and global market trends - everything finds its application. The “Golden Clone” project we are implementing is not our “business” - it is our life and our favorite thing.

Photos and a more detailed description of the simulator and its components can be found both on the game pages and in a special topic on the forum. “Golden Clone” is a sort of unique project, which is yet known to a relatively small number of Internet users, so the partners’ work is very promising.

Partner awards #

There are government payments to the partner from the development of his referrals:

Transition to the next class #

If a referral’s clone moves to the next class, the partner receives from the state:

Table. Payment to a partner for the referral’s achieving a higher social status

Social statusPayout, gold

Construction and improvement of structures #

The construction and development of the referral clone’s principalities and settlements will also bring income to the partner.

Table. Payment of a bonus to a partner for referrals’ achievements in the game

Type of achievementPayment to partner, gold
Estate construction3
Founding of a principality10
Every improvement of an enterprise1
Construction of a tannery, atelier, smelter1
Creation of any of the great buildings100
Construction of any of the wonders150

Please note that payment is made only after total completion of construction or improvement of the facilities.

Declared bonuses are paid to the partner’s account minus 10% of the bonus amount. These funds go to the Partners Tournament fund.

Partnership activity statistics #

A partner can view complete and detailed statistics on his referrals’ activities (number of registrations, status upgrades, construction of facilities, etc.) in his partner account. It is on the basis of this information, which the game transmits to the partner account, that affiliate rewards are calculated.

Statistics of the above actions are not kept directly in the game account. However, if a partner has linked his partner account to his account in the game, then in the “Embassy” section he can see two additional sections.

The “Referral Information” section contains a list of all clones from all active referral accounts registered using your partner link. This list includes, for example, clones purchased at a clone auction (there are no affiliate royalties for this action). The list also lacks information about accounts that have been deleted. This explains the discrepancy in the number of registrations and the number of clones between the information in the game account and in the statistics of the partner program.

The “List of Referrals” section has been added to allow you to contact referrals via game mail. This page provides a list of master clones from active referral accounts. Please keep in mind that the main clone may be a clone purchased at auction, so this page is not a source of information about increasing statuses by referrals.

Partners Tournament #

The state has planned systematic competitions between partners.

Every month, 10 winners are identified who earned the most gold coins from affiliate activities during this period of time.

Prizes are paid in gold coins from the Partners Tournament fund, which is formed from a 10% deduction from each bonus received by partners during this time.

Table. Prize fund distribution

Prize-winning placePortion of the tournament fund (%)

Ethics of the ambassadorial mission #

Attention! Please note that the partner program is aimed at active work with new participants. It has nothing to do with ways to save on your own development.

It is not allowed to be a partner of another your account or an account with the same IP address. Be careful! The system monitors, and in the event of the described coincidence, your partnership ties may be severed. Appeals on this issue are not accepted, additional checks (personal data, etc.) are not carried out.

Some participants may try to use the partner program for other purposes, for example, as a way to receive affiliate (as well as mentoring) bonuses for developing their secondary (newly created) account registered through some third-party affiliate link, and in the future - try to merge old and new accounts in accordance with existing rules. The described situation and others similar to it are a gross violation of the game rules and the partner program. A detected violation may result in blocking of the game account.

Attention! Providing information using SPAM is strictly prohibited! Any partner found guilty of such a violation will be immediately and permanently demoted and dismissed from the affiliate program staff.

Old referral program #

New principles of the referral program were introduced at the end of October 2013. This information will not be useful to you if your account was created later than the specified date. It is also not relevant if you did not buy “old” clones at auction.

All old referral connections between clones continue to exist and function according to the old rules until the clone-referral is sold through the Clone Auction. Immediately after a clone is sold, its ambassadorial connection with the ancestor clone is severed and it disappears from its family tree. If a clone is transferred to a player from a new referral program, the referrer receives payments for the development of this clone according to the new program. Otherwise, no payments are provided. When sold, only the connection with the clone’s ancestor is lost. Connections with descendants-referrals are preserved, the clone will continue to receive ambassadorial bonuses when they increase their status.

The old ambassador link continues to work, but clones invited again through it do not become ambassador’s referrals.

Ambassadors who have referrals registered according to the old rules receive the required one-time bonuses immediately after each increase in social status by a clone referral, in the amount of:

  • 1 unit of charisma.
  • 20% of the amount of costs for obtaining social status (craftsman and above).

Declared bonuses are paid in gold coins to the ambassador’s game account minus 10% of the bonus amount. These funds go to the Partners Tournament fund. Only ambassadors of the “new generation” can participate in the tournament.

Old referral connections are not transformed into new ones and do not bring additional income from the development of the referral described in the new affiliate program.

New referral connections, in turn, do not receive the capabilities of the old ones, but only those described in the new partner program.

In order to participate in the new referral program, you should register in the partner account and receive a new partner link.