Brief review

Brief overview of the game #

“Limited minds see limitedness only in others” (from the novel “Martin Eden” by Jack London).

The Golden Clone online strategy trains and sharpens prudence, systems thinking and, of course, patience - skills that are so necessary for any investor and entrepreneur. Our game helps you develop many useful skills and gain experience in a wide variety of fields. Here you can try yourself in different capacities - from a simple worker to a majestic emperor managing a huge infrastructure and subordinates.

Our world of clones provides a lot of development opportunities, both for an individual game character and for a user’s account. Every player will be able to find something to their liking here.

Real estate #

Do you want to join the group of those in power and make a profit as a landowner? On the clone lands you can create many colorful and highly profitable buildings: houses, settlements, principalities. Huge variety of production facilities; luxurious palaces; architectural wonders; megalithic buildings; amber caves for dragons, and this is not a complete list!

Name of the structureAppearance
Architectural WondersGreat Sunflower

Farming and Agriculture #

Do you dream of your own profitable country house with a plot of land for agriculture to cultivate fields and breed animals? You can make your dreams come true without huge costs by cultivating fields and growing up to 12 types of crops in our virtual world. Our virtual lands are also inhabited by a wide variety of animals for breeding: pigs, chickens, cows and even dragons. There are also marvelous peacocks that can be purchased at the state farm. Get the maximum profit from farming by debugging production cycles and building production chains.

Area of activityRepresentative
Breeding dragonsDragon
Perches with peacocksPeacocks
Chicken breedingChicken
Processing fieldsFields

Warfare #

Is war and combat your thing? Prove yourself in military affairs by developing a variety of combat characteristics in your characters. Do you want to become famous for your military exploits throughout the virtual world? So create your own great army!

Trade #

The basis and heart of the Golden Clone economy is trade. The entire process of exchanging surplus products for gold or gold for the resource you lack is carried out through trade between players through convenient trading platforms and trading tools. At the commodity exchange, not only hard coin awaits you, but also the honorary title of “Great Trader”!

Competitions among traders

Other areas of development #

These are just some of the main areas of development for your clone. Later in this presentation you will find information about the various game blocks. The user manual contains a detailed description and is divided into chapters on aspects of the virtual world.

Our world is as multifaceted as the real one, even a little more. It is also constantly evolving, and each player can submit their own idea to move forward. The choice of where to direct your efforts and where to achieve success is entirely yours!