Business #

The reasonable goal of any entrepreneur is not to work for money, but to make money work for themselves. At a certain stage of development, different types of activities become available to your clones. With proper organization and calculation of profitability, you can get much more profit than when working for hire. In addition, running your own business does not in any way prevent you from working for the state and other entrepreneurs, which makes this development branch worthy of attention in the first place.

Activities #

The following areas of activity are available for you to choose from:

Agriculture #

Cultivate your lands, grow various crops that you can feed your characters or animals. Agricultural products can also be sold on the exchange to other players.


Livestock breeding #

A character, depending on its status, can keep a certain number of cows, pigs, a chicken farm and even dragons! Buying, breeding and crossing animals, as well as obtaining meat, lard, milk and other products, is a very exciting and profitable activity.

Livestock breeding

Hunting #

Your characters can purchase all the necessary equipment for hunting, buy a hunting license and become real hunters of wild boars, wolves, deer and other animals in various principalities of the virtual world. Resources obtained from hunting are widely used for many purposes: producing potions, creating artifacts. They can also be sold to other players and made money from. In addition, hunters compete in many different disciplines, which accounts for a significant portion of the income from this activity.


Other activities #

This is just a small part of the many activities that are available to your clones. In addition to all of the above, there are such areas of business as a jewelry atelier, cruise business, the creation of various artifacts, potions, banking and much more. And the owners of settlements and principalities also have the opportunity to industrially process resources into more valuable goods.

Start your business small - try to get some animal and raise it! You will understand that this is a very long and exciting process. Cows and pigs, for example, live more than a year and during this time they consume feed, produce goods and change in weight. And dragons live for about three years and bring their owners clear gold, available for both withdrawal and investment!