Career #


There are many job opportunities available to game characters. You can work for the state or for other players. The list of state enterprises is very extensive. Here a clone can be either a simple worker or an enterprise manager.

A user-friendly interface will allow you to see a list of available positions, the amount of required skills and tools that will be needed to work at various enterprises and positions. Salary statistics for other clones are also provided.

List of state enterprises

Work at an enterprise can be combined with the activities of a security guard - this is another source of income. You can send a clone to guard your house or settlement, or make him a guard for another player. However, the character must be strong, so you will need weapons and combat characteristics. Security guard vacancies can be found through the appropriate interface.

Employment as a security guard

By developing your characters’ specialized skills, you gain more employment and career opportunities for them. After all, each character can work at ten or even more enterprises at once, occupying both blue-collar and managerial positions. The character works while you rest!