Warfare #

Military career

Military ranks #

A bad soldier is one who does not dream of becoming a general! Characters in the world of clones can pass his way from a private to a field marshal.

Military ranks

Types of battles #

The project offers many types of battles in which you can improve the combat characteristics of your characters, get medals, coins and valuable resources. Clones can guard the house or, conversely, take the path of robbery and fight with other guards, participate in various tournaments, look for caches with gold coins and valuable resources, and also take part in large-scale wars. In great battles, thousands of clones with various weapons fight shoulder to shoulder, on ships and even riding dragons!


In various types of battles, you can fight either alone or with an entire army or squad. You can make them up from characters from your account or invite other project participants. Thanks to this, additional relationships are built between players who are passionate about a common cause.

Princely squad

Level up your military skills on training arenas and/or other facilities, buy and craft weapons and armor, learn combat skills, participate in battles, gather your troops - and you will certainly be able to make your name in history as a great military leader. The reward will not be long in coming!