Resources #

Extracting various resources, processing them and use for account development is a very advanced direction in our virtual world. In total, there are more than 100 types of different resources in the game.

List of resources

Some resources can be produced or obtained quite simply; no high status or large capital investments are required. Some resources are the result of deep processing in enterprises, and therefore are more valuable. And some resources are even obtained magically - for example, peacocks sometimes lay golden eggs! This is a game, remember?

Each game resource has its own area of application, and some have several. For example, grain produced in the village can be fed to chickens, or it can be processed into compound feed for cows or flour for making bread. Or another example: to build a small wooden house, simple wood and stone are enough. And to build a mansion, you will need a lot of different expensive materials. In fact, everything is just like in real life!

Moreover, all resources can be bought or sold on the exchange - and here, as in real life, demand affects supply (and price) and vice versa.

You can control your game inventory thanks to convenient filters by resource groups.


Resources are the basis of the economy of any society, including our world. What else can you spend resources on? There are many options, for example:

  • build, modernize and repair real estate, settlements, principalities, architectural wonders and other structures, of which there are a lot in the game;
  • build various enterprises and factories;
  • process and obtain more complex (secondary, tertiary) resources with greater added value;
  • invest as a contribution to collective developments;
  • produce food for characters or animals;
  • sew casual or protective clothing;
  • create jewelry;
  • make magic elixirs;
  • produce ammunition for tournaments and military operations.

This list goes on and on.

As you get accustomed to our world, you will be able to find the use of resources that is right for you based on the current situation. And tomorrow everything can change - that’s what’s interesting about our project: it looks like reality!