Trade #

Can any economic project exist without trade relations between users? The question is rhetorical. In the vastness of our virtual world, almost a thousand different types of goods are available for sale: resources, food, various clothes, animals, weapons and much more! There are several platforms used for trading in the game:

Trade Guild #

This is the main and largest trading platform. Clones with peasant status and higher can offer their goods for sale here.

Here you can buy or sell various types of resources, precious stones and crops. In addition, options are available for placing trade orders to buy and sell, viewing daily turnover, viewing the quantity of different products and many other useful functions. The balance of various types of resources in the game is constantly changing, which leads to volatility in the market. Isn’t volatility a trader’s best friend?

There is also a currency exchange where you can sell or buy in-game currency.

Trade Guild

Fair #

At the fair you can buy and sell various clothes, hunting resources, elixirs, artifacts and much more. The interface is very similar to the interface of a commodity exchange. At the same time, there are more lenient conditions in terms of trading commissions and requirements for seller status - even a craftsman can sell his goods at the fair.


State Farm #

Buy, sell and breed animals on the state farm. There are separate sections for different types of animals (chickens, cows, pigs and dragons).

State Farm

Other trading platforms #

These were the main trading platforms where tens of thousands of deals are made daily. There are also small special areas - flea markets, auctions and an arms exchange.

If you have experience as a trader or a desire to acquire it, trading is exactly what you need. Buy and sell resources, make large trade turnovers. You can not only make a profit, but also become a truly great trader and immortalize your name on the Board of Honor!

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