An example of account development

An example of account development #

Let’s see what building an empire looks like with a small example.

To date, more than 50 empires have been built on the Metropolis server. How can you achieve this cherished goal and at the same time establish relationships between different game blocks so that your income constantly increases?

Build a principality #

If your goal is to achieve the status of emperor, then the first thing you need to do is to build a principality. It is the principality, through growth and development, that can become an empire.

Register of principalities

Build an estate #

After the founding of the principality, you need to build an estate in it, which then develop into a megacity. It will be necessary to build houses on the estate, populate them with game characters (clones) and obtain resources in order to develop both the principality and the settlement. You can recruit other players to help you so that they can also build their own houses and settlements in your principality.

Gaining resources #

Building an empire requires a lot of resources, which can be bought on the exchange, but are cheaper to produce yourself. We need workers for our own production. They will produce resources. The number of these workers will need to be gradually increased. These can be either your own characters or clones of other players. However, in addition to producing resources, your own characters can also participate in tournaments, receive titles, serve in a squad, earn medals, thereby increasing the rating of your account and, accordingly, income

Account development #

While resources are being mined to develop the empire, your account is constantly developing. By participating in collective developments, extracting precious stones from mines, trading at the stock exchange and fair, participating in various competitions, buying securities, hunting in the vastness of your own principality and performing many other actions, you develop your clones, master new blocks and increase your own income.

Cherished step #

And so, while you were mastering a lot of different blocks and building production chains between them, your settlement gradually grew into a huge megacity, and all the necessary enterprises for the transition to the empire were built in the principality. There are only a couple of steps left to reach the cherished goal! To receive the highest title, it is necessary to increase the social status of the prince to count. Since you mined precious stones in the mines, you can easily decorate your principality with a majestic palace. By building a palace and raising your banner over the principality, you will achieve your goal. Now you have become the emperor!

Virtual is real!

Further development #

But that doesn’t mean the game is over. After all, in order to make your empire truly majestic, you can further develop enterprises on its territory, construct architectural wonders, megalithic structures and even amber caves for dragons. And of course, further develop your gaming account, thus strengthening its position and increasing the stable income available for withdrawal.

A player cannot immediately become an emperor, but otherwise the game would not be so interesting and educational! Just like in the real world, the path from student to president requires knowledge, time and effort.

Afterword #

You can develop your account in various ways. Perhaps you do not want to become an emperor, but would prefer to engage in trading operations, making deals worth thousands of gold per day? Or create a powerful gang, becoming a criminal boss? The game provides such an opportunity. There is no single model for developing a strong and rated account in this game! There are no templates here! In our world of clones, each account and its development paths are unique! You can find your way to success!