Agriculture #


Agriculture is a very exciting and profitable block in Golden Clone. Let’s see what processes you might encounter when farming.

Number of land plots and house level #

In clone land, farming begins with building a home for your clone. The state allocates land plots to all homeowners in proportion to the level of real estate. The number of fields that can be cultivated is always equal to the level of the house.

When you increase the level of a house using the “Hospitable Shelter” elixir, the number of fields adjacent to the house will increase.

Amount of land and social status of the clone #

On Clone Land, social status is a key indicator that determines the degree to which a clone can engage in certain activities. This also applies to agriculture. The higher the clone’s social status, the more land plots your clone can cultivate at the same time.

To fully engage in farming, your clone must have Peasant status or higher. Craftsmen cannot cultivate fields. Tramps only have the opportunity to grow flowers in the area near their dugouts. Cultivating crops is not available to them.

Table. Social status of a clone and the maximum number of cultivated plots of land

Social statusLand plots

Note. A resident with the social status of a tramp cannot engage in farming, but can grow flowers.

Tillage #

So you have land. To start cultivating a field and growing crops, you first need to assign a clone to any plot of land available for cultivation. You can decide yourself which of your clones will cultivate a particular plot of land (manual clone distribution mode), or use the automatic system for distributing clones among your free plots. In automatic mode, all free clones are distributed across all free fields in descending order of their social status.

An agricultural cycle (season) is the totality of all stages of field cultivation, starting from the fertilization stage (or from the sowing stage, if you decide not to fertilize the field) to the “under fallow” stage. During one agricultural cycle, a clone working on a field receives one harvest, after which it is automatically released from work on this field. After this, the field goes into the “under fallow” state (rests before the next cycle begins).

You can find the field assignment and release history of all your clones under the Operation History tab (Business → Farming → Operation History).

The clone assigned to cultivate the plot of land is not required to live in the house to which this plot belongs. The house can belong to any clone on your account. To be assigned to the field (either manually or automatically), a clone must have the social status of “peasant” or higher.

Work on the field can be combined with any other occupation, including work at state or private enterprises, except for work on gold mines in settlements.

A clone assigned to cultivate any plot of land will spend 1 stamina unit per day during the fertilizing, sowing and harvesting stages (for each day of work, even partial). If on any given day your clone finishes working on one plot and is tasked with cultivating another plot of land, then on that day your clone will spend 2 points of stamina, one for each field cultivated. Stamina units for working on the fields are spent the next day after the day of work, during the billing period. If a clone lacks stamina and food in the refectory, its stamina will become negative. Remember that in this case the clone will not be able to cope with his responsibilities at other jobs, will receive reprimands and may be fired.

Table. Duration, purpose and conditions of farming stages

Parameters / StageFertilizerSowingHarvesting
PurposeIncreasing yieldSelection of future productsGetting the ready product
Duration5 days (120 hours)2 days (48 hours)3 days (72 hours)
ConditionsAvailability of fertilizersAvailability of seedsPaying tax

Attention! Hungry clones cannot cultivate fields. You cannot assign clones to cultivate fields if your account has a clone with negative stamina or unrepaired buildings. In this case, the fields that have already been processed will successfully complete their processing cycle.

Attention! It is impossible to send a clone to cultivate fields that are adjacent to a destroyed house. To successfully cultivate the fields, the house must be repaired.

Attention! Freeing the clone from working on the field during processing leads the plot of land to the “under fallow” state and all used resources and the future harvest gets lost. In this case, it will be considered that the next agricultural cycle has not begun in this field.

After harvesting, your clones will be automatically released from working on their plots, and you will need to redistribute them again to free plots (manually or automatically) that are ready for the next growing season (cycle).

Plots Management Options #

As your account develops, the amount of land available for cultivation by your clones will only increase. You will have to manage more and more lands. We have tried to make managing your plots convenient at any level of development, regardless of their number.

In the “Your fields” section (“Business” → “Farming” → “Your fields”) there are two sets of land management elements: complex (all plots) and individual (plots of a specific house).