Integrated Management

Integrated land management #

Field Control Panel

Comprehensive field controls are located at the top of this section called “Your land plots” and consist of 9 round indicators that display the number of fields at various stages of processing. These controls allow you to comprehensively manage and conduct transactions for all land plots of your account simultaneously. If your clones own a large number of houses and you already find it difficult to manage the fields of each house individually, you can use these controls. You can manage all plots of your account at the selected stage of the agricultural cycle by selecting the round icon, regardless of whether the plots belong to a house or a clone.

When cultivating all your plots of land, at some stages resources are consumed - stamina, seeds, fertilizers and gold coins. However, remember that resources are debited from the current active clone, even if the plot belongs to another clone of your account. This clone must have access to the necessary resources.

Management of land plots of a certain house #

Residential buildings and field management

Elements for managing the land plots of a specific house are located in the “Your fields” subsection, under the complex controls. They are a list of houses indicating the number of fields in this house that are in one or another stage of processing. Using these controls, you can fertilize, sow, harvest, or reduce the duration of the under fallow stage in fields of each of your houses. Control is carried out by selecting the square icon for the corresponding stage of the agricultural cycle in the desired house. The “Show houses with assigned workers” control generates a list of only those houses whose land plots are currently used for agriculture (for which clones are assigned to work).

When carrying out operations in relation to the plots of a certain house, you will spend resources at some stages of processing, such as: seeds, fertilizers or gold coins. However, remember that the necessary resources will be spent from the inventory of the current active clone, even if the land plot does not belong to him.

Seed materials #

You decide for yourself which crop to grow and in what volume at any given time. The game implements realistic business processes, thanks to which a balance of supply and demand is formed, affecting the dynamics of prices on the commodity exchange. You need to come up with the right strategy to maximize profits from this type of activity.

To sow any agricultural product, you must purchase the appropriate seeds from the biotechnology department of the state farm. Quick access to this section is provided through the “Field ready for sowing” button in the control panel.

Whatever type of agricultural product you choose to grow in your fields, you need to purchase seeds of the appropriate crop for sowing. You can do this at the State Farm Biotechnology Department. If you have fields ready for sowing, you can quickly go to the biotechnology department by clicking on the “Field ready for sowing” icon. This makes them an important part of the game’s strategy.