Questions about agriculture


Question: I have 2 bourgeois clones. One has a mansion with 10p lots, but can only cultivate 5. Is it possible to assign the second clone without real estate to the fields of the first one?

Answer: Yes, you can! You can assign clones to cultivate fields at houses of other clones in your account.

Question: How many clones with the status “peasant” and above can work on one field?

Answer: Only one clone. But he can hire a servant from among the tramps to help him. This will speed up work at some stages of the agricultural cycle.

Question: My clone harvested, but the amount of production in the storage did not increase. Where did the harvest go?

Answer: Don’t worry, the harvest is not lost. It is collected by the clone assigned to this field, so the harvested crop goes into his inventory. If necessary, set up automatic collection of various types of products into storage.

Question: Do seeds in a bag or storage get spoiled over time? I plan to buy a lot of seeds in reserve.

Answer: Seeds can be stored in inventory and storage indefinitely long, they will not get spoiled.

Question: Will the crop get spoiled if it is left unharvested in the fields till the agricultural tax is paid?

Answer: No, the crops do not get spoiled in the fields from ripening to harvesting after paying the agricultural tax.

Question: How quickly will I get my harvest?

Answer: This depends on the use of servants, fertilizers and timely payment of taxes. Without fertilizers and servants - after 20 days. With full fertilizer - 25 days. With fertilizer and peacock grazing - 27 days.

Question: What is the period of “under fallow”?

Answer: This is a period of rest for the land without growing crops to maintain soil fertility.

Question: How much faster will be completed agricultural works if several servants work on my plot at the same time? Let’s say I have a castle, that is, the house development level is 50. This means that 50 tramps can work simultaneously in this castle and on the fields adjacent to it. It turns out that if I am currently processing only one field at this castle, then all 50 tramps will work on this plot. And if each tramp speeds up work by 10%, then the result will be a 500% speedup. Is this really true?

Answer: Yes you are right. In this case, there will be an acceleration of 500%, and the work time will be reduced by 6 times.

Question: Sowing without servants - 48 hours, with servants - 43.6 hours. How many hours of maid work must be paid?

Answer: It will be necessary to create 44 tasks and pay for 44 hours of maid work, since the total time is 43.6 hours.