yield Increasing

yield Increasing #


You can increase the yield from one field in one agricultural cycle by adding fertilizers to the soil. Thus, using fertilizers you to get a larger harvest in the same time and at the same basic costs (cost of seeds, agricultural tax).

Fertilizing agricultural fields on the land of clones is possible in two ways:

  • manual application of specially manufactured fertilizers;
  • peacocks grazing on the plots.

These methods can be used individually or in combination. When used in combination, their effect is cumulative.

What types of fertilizers are there? #

In the “Manure and Fertilizers” section (“Business” → “Livestock” → “Manure and Fertilizers”) you can get the necessary fertilizers from different types of manure. Fertilizers can also be bought or sold at the fair. There are 4 types of manure and, accordingly, 4 types of fertilizers. Depending on the species, different amount of fertilizers is required to maximally fertilize the field.

Table. Amount of fertilizers required for 100% processing of 1 plot of land

Types of manureTypes of fertilizerFertilizers, units
DragonDragon Breeze50
cowCow breeze100
PigPig Breeze75
ChickenChicken Breeze10

It doesn’t matter what type of fertilizer you use to increase productivity. However, different types of fertilizers have different effectiveness. Please note that the amount of fertilizer required to maximally fertilize a plot of land depends on its type.

Fertilizer application procedure #

Fertilizers can be applied to any plot of land that meets the following requirements:

  • a clone has been assigned to work on the plot;
  • sowing seeds on the plot has not yet begun;
  • the plot was not fertilized in the current and previous agricultural seasons.

Please note that fields can only be fertilized after one season. The fertilizers make effect only in the season in which they were applied. The effect of fertilizer does not persist in the next season. If there was an opportunity to fertilize the field during the season, but it was not taken advantage of, it will be saved for the next season.

It is possible to partially fertilize the fields if for some reason you do not want to fertilize them completely.

Attention! Each plot can only be fertilized once per season. With any fertilizer in the current season (even 10% or 50%), repeated application in this plot will be impossible. Also this plot may not be fertilized next season.

The procedure for applying fertilizers takes a certain time, directly proportional to the volume of fertilizers applied. 1% fertilizer equals 1.2 hours of field cultivation. Any whole amount of fertilizer can be applied up to the maximum for a given species. For example, the time indicated is for fertilization at 10%, 50% and 100%.

Table. Duration of a plot fertilization depending on the percentage of applied fertilizers

Fertilizers, %Duration, hours

The duration of the manual fertilization stage can be reduced by hiring servants.

Increasing yield #

The main purpose of applying fertilizers to a plot is to increase the yield in the current agricultural cycle. The yield increases in proportion to the amount of fertilizer applied. For example, if you apply half the maximum rate, the yield will increase by half the maximum possible.

Table. The influence of the degree of fertilization of one field on yield for various types of crops.

Cultureno fertilizers10%50%100%
Fodder beet10122030