Flowers growing

Flowers growing #

Flowers growing

A clone with the “tramp” status cannot engage in agriculture, but he has the opportunity to grow flowers near his dugout for educational purposes. It is available if the tramp is the only clone on your account. To do this, he needs to build a dugout. Constructing a dugout is instant and free. You can build a dugout in the “Build a house” section (“Investor” → “Real Estate” → “Build a house”).

How to plant and grow flowers #

Flower seeds can be obtained for free at the State Farm in the “Seed” section (“Trade” → “State Farm” → “Biotechnology Department” → “Seed”). A total of 9 sorts of flowers are available.

In the area near the dugout, a tramp can plant one bag of seeds at a time. A bag will produce 50 flowers of a certain type.

The process of growing flowers is similar to growing other crops: we send a clone to work in the field, then the clone plants seeds, waits for ripening, and collects flowers. The difference is that the processes of adding fertilizers to the soil are not available to tramps, and all stages are completed faster, in just a few hours.

Stages of growing flowers #

The time required to grow flowers depends on their sort:

Table. Duration of flower growing stages.

Flower sortSowing (hours)Maturation (hours)Harvesting (hours)
blackRoses (black, yellow, scarlet)1363
BlackTulips (black, red, white)1483

After harvesting, the land needs rest, so the area goes under fallow for 3 hours. After this, the field is ready for processing again.

Flower cultivation by tramps is exempt from agricultural tax. Tramps do not spend stamina on sowing and harvesting. You cannot hire servants to speed up the process.

Attention! If a tramp worked in the field and then gained Craftsman status on the same day, he will have stamina spent from the previous work in the field the next day. If the status changes while working in the field, the tramp will be automatically removed from work, and the harvest will be lost.

Use of flowers #

Flowers can be sold at the fair. They can also be gifted to another player by sending a bouquet along with a letter. The recipient will see an image of the bouquet and its composition.

A bouquet can contain flowers of different sorts at the same time. You can add a maximum of 3 different types of flowers to your letter. You can include an unlimited number of flowers of each tyoe in a bouquet.

To add each new type, use the “Add a gift to a letter” link on the letter creation page.