Breeding cattle #


Raising cows and bulls is useful as it provides beef, milk, fertilizer, hides, and government farm coupons. These products can be used for your own needs, processed or sold. For the convenience of animal management, the ability to transfer livestock from one clone to another has been implemented - to do this, you need to click on the name of the owner clone in the list of cows/bulls. To start raising cattle, buy a cow or a bull, or both. Feed the animals, receive products from them in the form of meat, milk, fertilizers. Over time, offspring will appear. All details are in the relevant sections.

The number of cattle available for maintenance depends on the clone status.

In the world of clones, characters with the status “peasant” and higher can keep cows and bulls. For clones with lower status, animal husbandry is not available.

The maximum number of cattle that a clone can own directly depends on its social status.

Table. Maximum allowed number of livestock depending on the social status of the clone

Social statusNumber of livestock, units

Thus, the higher the status of a clone, the more opportunities it has for keeping and breeding cattle, and the higher the income from this.

Purchasing animals #

You can buy your first cow or bull at a state farm nursery or at an animal fair.

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Feeding mode #

Depending on the gender and age of the cattle, their diet varies.

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Types of products #

By raising cattle you can get meat, milk, hides and manure.

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Cowshed #

If you decide to seriously engage in cattle breeding, then building a barn will be the best solution. This step provides the owner with many benefits and conveniences.

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Increase in livestock #

To increase the number of cows and bulls, it is not necessary to buy new animals at the fair. You can mate your existing livestock yourself and then raise the resulting newborn calves. Thus, by mating cows and bulls and producing offspring, you can increase the number of cattle you own without having to resort to additional purchases at the fair.

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Sale and mating #

State Farm offers two options for generating income from your cattle. You can sell cows and bulls to other players or rent bulls as sires to mate with other players’ cows. Thus, in addition to receiving the main products from your own livestock, you can additionally earn money by selling or temporarily renting individual animals to other cattle owners.

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Superfood #

The use of superfeed for cattle helps improve indicators such as the weight of bulls and the amount of milk produced by cows.

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Answers to common questions.

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