Use of the cowshed #

Use of the cowshed

A cowshed is an important element of infrastructure for cattle breeding. This structure is built one per game account. It is intended for livestock that belongs to all your clones.

The process of building a cowshed is instant.

Cowsheds have different capacities, i.e. the maximum number of cattle that can be accommodated there. If you have more animals, some will remain in their owners’ barnyards. It is important to periodically repair the cowshed. If it breaks down, it stops functioning, and livestock are forced to eat from feeders in barnyards.

Livestock development strategies can be different: start with a small cowshed, gradually expanding it, or immediately build a large one. But the larger the cowshed, the higher the benefits and renovation costs.

Construction cost #

The cost of building a cowshed depends on its capacity.

Table. Cost of building a cowshed

Capacity, headsGoldStaminaStoneWoodIron
509.514 25047547547

Repair #

The cowshed must be repaired every 30 days of operation. At the same time, repair costs do not accumulate: even if the cowshed is not repaired for several months, the cost of the next repair will not increase.

The consumption of materials for repairs directly depends on the size of the cowshed - the larger it is, the more expensive it is to maintain it in working condition.

Therefore, when planning a large cowshed, it is important to consider the increased costs of periodic repairs. This is necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the cowshed and to obtain all its benefits.

Table. Cowshed renovation cost

Capacity, headsWoodStone

Functioning of a broken cowshed #

If the cowshed breaks down, until it is repaired, the cattle can only eat from the feeders in their owners’ farmyards. A broken cowshed cannot be used for mating, does not provide a discount on manure processing, does not increase the weight of calves, and does not count toward your account score.

To automatically repair the cowshed in case of breakdowns, you can activate the “Repair automatically” option on its page. This will allow you not to monitor its condition yourself.

Thus, prompt repair of the cowshed is extremely important so that it brings maximum benefit to livestock production.

Table. Automatic cowshed repair

Automatic repair+
Automatic purchase of a resource for repairs
Maximum automatic purchase price

This table clearly shows the capabilities of the automatic mode for cowshed repairs:

  • there is automatic repair in case of breakdowns;
  • no purchase of resources for repairs;
  • There is no automatic purchase of repair resources.

Increased capacity #

The larger the cowshed size, the more advantages it provides in livestock production. However, not all entrepreneurs initially have the funds for a maximum-level cowshed. Therefore, they usually start with building an entry-level cowshed, and then as the business develops, it can be gradually expanded, increasing capacity and functionality. Expansion is possible level by level, the cost of improvements is shown in the table. Thus, starting with a compact cowshed, over time you can scale it up to the desired size.

Table. Cost of upgrading a cowshed

Capacity, headsGoldStaminaStoneWoodIron
10 → 50812,00040040040
50 → 2003045,00015001500150
200 → 750110165,00055005500550
750 → 2000250375,00012,50012,5001250
2000 → 2500100150,00050005000500

Mass operations with livestock #

As the number of livestock grows, the cowshed makes it easier to carry out mass operations such as feeding. Without a cowshed, feed must be placed in feeders in the barnyard of each clone animal owner. And if there is a cowshed, all livestock, regardless of the owner, eat from one feeder in the cowshed. Such a single feeding point greatly simplifies and speeds up the process, and also makes it easy to control the availability of feed.

Mating your own animals #

The ability to mate cows and bulls for free is only available in the cowshed. At the same time, for mating you can use cattle belonging to either one clone or different clones of your account. Without a cowshed, mating is only possible through the rental of stud bulls at the fair, which is a paid service. Thus, having a cowshed allows you to save money on mating your own livestock.

Weight gain in newborn calves #

If you have a large cowshed with additional improvements, you will be able to produce heavier offspring than under normal conditions. The Cloneland Alchemy Lab produces magical solar plates that can be installed on the roof of your cowshed. These plates act on the cattle in the cowshed. This increases the weight of the offspring at birth.

Table. Cowshed improvement cost

Capacity, unitsNumber of plates, pcs.

The table shows the total number of solar panels that need to be installed on the cowshed. If you have increased the capacity of the cowshed, you will need to install the missing number of plates. All plates installed on previous levels are taken into account. The weight of the offspring in a cowshed of any level that is not improved by plates is calculated using the standard formula:

\((W/ 2) • 0.06 \)

The following variables are used in the above formula:

\(W\)parents’ weight;
\(0.06\)coefficient depending on the cowshed size.

If plates are installed in the cowshed, then the formula for calculating the weight of the offspring takes on a new look.

Table. Increasing offspring weight with the maximum number of plates in cowsheds of different sizes

Capacity, unitsOffspring weight, kg
50(parents weight / 2) x 7%
200(parents weight / 2) x 8%
750(parents weight / 2) x 9%
2000(parents weight / 2) x 10%
2500(parents weight / 2) x 11%

Also, the NFTs “Taurus Guard” have a beneficial effect on the cowshed. Let’s consider the effect of NFTs on a max level cowshed that is upgraded with solar plates. In this case, the formula looks like this:

\(((W/ 2) • 0.11) • 1\)

Provided that the cowshed owner does not have NFTs, which means the coefficient is equal to 1.

You can calculate the impact of different numbers of NFTs in the following table:

Table. Increasing litter weight in a cowshed by 2500 heads with solar plates and different amounts of NFTs

Number of NFTsFinal coefficient
X1 + 0.01x

Don’t forget that the maximum bonus from NFT is 100%.

Discount on cow manure processing #

One of the important features of the cowshed is the opportunity for its owner to receive a discount when processing cow manure into Cow Breeze fertilizer. It does not matter whether this manure was obtained from your own animals or purchased at the Fair. A discount is provided on the cost of the process of processing manure into fertilizer (in gold coins).

The larger the capacity of your cowshed, the higher the discount you will be given.

Table. The amount of discount for manure processing depending on the size of the barn

Capacity, headsDiscount (%)
Animal yard (cowshed not built)0