Buying cattle #

There are two ways to purchase cows and bulls: at a state farm nursery or at an animal fair. Clones with the status “peasant” and higher can buy cows and bulls.

Purchasing animals from a state farm nursery #

The nursery is located on the Nursery page (Trade → State Farm → Nursery).

Standard cows and bulls of certain parameters are sold here:

  • cows: age 61 days, weight 350 kg;
  • bulls: age 61 days, weight 440 kg.

If the nursery does not have livestock for purchase, it is recommended to contact an animal fair. There is a wide range of livestock of different ages and weights. Prices are determined depending on the characteristics of the animal.

Buying animals at a cattle fair #

The Cattle Fair is located in the Cattle Fair section (Trade → State Farm → Cattle Fair). There is a wide range of cows and bulls of different ages, weights and prices. When purchasing, the following data about animals is available: owner, price, age, weight, weight change, readiness for mating, number of matings, feeding, products. The calves you raise can also be offered for sale at the same cattle fair.

Transfer of livestock from one clone to another #

For the convenience of cattle management, the ability to transfer animals between your clones has been implemented. To transfer a cow or bull to another clone, you need to click on the name of the current owner in the list of livestock. In this case, the receiving clone must have a social status of at least “peasant” in order to be able to transfer the animal to him.