Sales and rentals

Sales and rentals #

Sales and rentals

State Farm offers two options for generating income from your cattle. You can sell cows and bulls to other players or rent bulls as sires to mate with other players’ cows.

At the livestock fair, you can sell any of your cows and bulls, regardless of gender, age and other characteristics. The price in gold coins is set independently based on the quality of a particular animal. Livestock trading can bring good income to experienced livestock farmers.

At the Bull Fair, you can rent out your bulls to other players for one-time use as sires during mating. Again, the rental price in gold coins is set independently. After mating, the rent is credited to your account, and the bull returns from the fair and begins preparing for a new mating.

Thus, sales and rentals make it possible to obtain additional income from cattle breeding, in addition to the main livestock products.