Superfeed #


Superfeed is an innovative State Farm product that can be added to regular cattle diets. This allows you to significantly increase the weight gain of bulls and milk yield of cows.

There are two types of superfeed: for bulls and for cows. Superfeed does not replace basic feed, but complements it. Such a diet is called enhanced.

Important! Superfeed for cows only affects an increase in milk production, superfeed for bulls only affects weight gain.

Any animal aged 61-420 days can be switched to an enhanced diet. This is done in the barnyard or cowshed using the Boost Feed control.

Thus, the use of superfeed as an additive to the main diet allows you to maximize the beneficial qualities of cows and bulls - milk yield and weight gain, respectively.

Important! When an animal is transferred to an enhanced diet with superfood, its readiness to mate is reduced to zero and does not increase until the intake of superfood stops. This does not affect the bearing of offspring in already pregnant individuals.

Getting Superfeed #

Superfeed can be purchased at the fair from other players or produced by yourselves at the state farm.

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Bonuses for consuming superfeed #

Using superfeed has various positive effects:

  • bulls gain weight faster;
  • cows’ milk yield increases.

Thus, superfeed brings many benefits by improving the useful qualities of cows and bulls. But it is important to consider its effect on mating.

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