Benefits of superfood

Bonuses for consuming superfood #

The maximum daily dose of superfeed for one cow or one bull is 25 kilograms. Superfood can be fed to animals both daily and intermittently.

The amount of bonuses received from superfood depends on the following factors:

  • the daily volume of superfood eaten determines the amount of the base bonus;
  • The duration of the continuous period of superfood consumption affects the amount of the additional bonus.

Let us remember that superfeed for bulls accelerates their weight gain, and for cows it increases milk yield.

Thus, regular intake of certain volumes of superfood provides an increasing positive effect for animals.

Let’s take a closer look at the mechanism of action of these two types of bonuses.

Basic bonus #

The effect of superfood on an animal is three-stage and depends on the amount of superfeed consumed per day. Each kilogram of super food increases the size of the base bonus to your animal’s performance in a certain way.

Table. Bonus for feeding superfood

Consumption levelBasic bonusMaximum total base bonus
1st (1-10 kg)1.5% for each kg from 1 to 10 kg15%
2nd (11-20 kg)1% for each kg from 11 to 20 kg25%
3rd (21-25 kg)0.5% for each kg from 21 to 25 kg27.5%

Extra bonus for continuous feeding with superfood #

An additional bonus applies to animals who continuously consume superfood for 2 or more days.

It adds +0.1% to the base bonus of the 1st and 2nd levels for each day of continuous consumption of superfood. On the sixth day of continuously feeding the animal with superfood, the additional bonus reaches its maximum value (+0.5% at levels 1 and 2) and does not increase any further.

Table. Additional bonus for continuous feeding of superfood

Feeding periodConsumption levelBonus for continuous feedingConditions for bonus accumulation
1st day1st level (1-10 kg)--
1st day2nd level (11-20 kg)--
1st day3rd level (21-25 kg)--
2nd and subsequent days1st level (1-10 kg)+0.1% for each kg of super feed (no more than 0.5%)at least 10 kg of superfood per day
2nd and subsequent days2nd level (11-20 kg)+0.1% for each kg of superfeed (no more than 0.5%)at least 20 kg of superfood per day
2nd and subsequent days3rd level (21-25 kg)--

Preventing weight loss in bulls with superfeed #

It is known that in the complete absence of feed, cows and bulls lose weight. Losses are up to 1/3 of the possible gain with optimal feeding.

Superfeed for bulls has a unique property: it reduces weight loss in the absence of main feed. Every kilogram of superfood reduces losses by 1/25.

That is, with a maximum dose of superfood of 25 kg, the bull will not lose weight even without regular feed. This property only applies to bulls; it does not apply to cows.

Thus, superfeed in the absence of basic feed can prevent weight loss in bulls. This is a unique feature that allows you to minimize the negative consequences of feeding problems.