Getting superfeed

Getting superfeed #

Getting superfeed

You can get superfeed in two ways:

  • make your own at the State Farm Biotechnology Department;
  • buy ready-made superfeed at the fair.

Buying at the fair #

Buying Superfeed at the Fair is simple and will not raise any questions for you.

Self-production #

When producing superfood by yourselves on the state farm, there are features:

  • the cost of 1 kg of superfeed is 0.1 gold coins and 1 state farm coupon;
  • There is an account-wide production limit. It is equal to 1/5 of the coupons received when exchanging bulls at the nursery. Coupons from the exchange do not increase the limit, but can be used for the production of superfeed.

If you did not exchange bulls for coupons, you will not be able to produce superfeed yourself.

Example #

Let’s say you raised a 410 kg bull and exchanged it at the nursery for state farm coupons. Your superfeed production limit is calculated as 410 kg / 5 = 82 kg. This limit is unlimited; it will only decrease during the production of superfeed.

For example, if you produced 10 kg of superfeed for bulls and 5 kg for cows, the limit will decrease by 15 kg, leaving 82 - 15 = 67 kg.

If you sold the remaining 395 bull coupons on the exchange, the limit will not change. And if you buy additional coupons on the exchange, you can produce extra 67 kg of super feed from them.

When exchanging the next bull, the calculation of the limit is similar, the limits are summed up.

Thus, the limit depends on the exchange of bulls in the nursery and is reduced during the production of superfeed. Purchased coupons do not increase the limit, but can be used.