Chicken farms

Owning a chicken farm #


Chickens are very useful poultry. They will provide your account with eggs, meat, manure for fertilizer and state farm coupons. Breeding chickens is a promising and useful activity that will help you make a profit and provide yourself with natural food.

Here you will learn how to build a chicken farm, have chickens and profit from their products.

In the ledger you can find records of all the daily events on your chicken farm.

Requirements #

Social status of the clone #

To build a chicken farm, a clone must have the social status of “peasant” or higher. One clone can only own one chicken farm.

Construction of chicken farms of different levels is available. Peasants can maintain a level I and II farm. To build a higher level farm, the social status of “bourgeois” or higher is required

Table. Clone status and chicken farm size

Chicken farm levelMinimum clone statusMaximum number of chickens on the farm

Clone property #

A chicken farm can only be built next to the clone’s house, and not in an open field. The house must be at least level 1, a dugout is not suitable. Therefore, before building a farm, make sure that the clone has the necessary real estate; if not, build a house.

Farm valuation #

When assessing a clone’s property and the account in the whole, the value of the farm and the chickens living there is taken into account at the nominal (government) cost of their construction/purchase.

Construction #

You can build a farm of various capacities, the process is instant. The construction costs are shown in the table.

Table. Construction of a chicken farm

Capacity, units.StaminaWoodStoneIron

Farm improvement #

You can start with an entry-level or mid-level farm, it is not necessary to immediately build the maximum size. The farm can then be gradually improved as needed. For example, starting with a small farm in the status of a peasant, after increasing the status of a clone to bourgeois, you can upgrade the farm to the maximum level with a capacity of 100 chickens.

Table. Chicken farm modernization

Capacity, units.StaminaWoodStoneIron

Chicken farm with a capacity of 100 units cannot be improved.

Repair #

Like some other buildings in the land of clones, all chicken farms require periodic repairs.

The cost of repairs depends on the level of your farm. The larger the farm, the more resources should be spent on repairs every 30 days.

Table. Chicken farm repairs

Capacity, units.WoodStoneIron

If the chicken farm is not repaired in time, it is considered broken. Chicken stop producing food, but continue to consume feed. On a broken farm, the clone does not work and does not waste stamina.

Broken farm and chicken do not count toward clone property and player account scores.

To avoid manually repairing the truss every time it breaks, you can set up automatic repairs. To do this, on the chicken farm page, activate the “Automatically repair if broken” option. Automatic repairs will be carried out on the day following the breakdown, immediately before production on a specific farm. However, during this time the farm status may be displayed as “Broken”. This process is normal and does not cause downtime in the farm.

Table. Automatic chicken coop repair

Automatic repair+
Automatic purchase of a resource for repairs
Maximum automatic purchase price

Stamina Costs #

Immediately after your clone builds a chicken farm, he starts working on it. To work on a chicken farm, you need to spend 1 unit of stamina per day. The clone will spend stamina even if there are no chickens in it.

If on any day a clone does not have stamina to work on the farm, it will not be able to handle that day’s work. In this case, the chickens will consume the feed, but no products will be produced.

Information for owners of old-style chicken coops #

If your clone has an old style chicken farm (which includes 20 chickens), it will not be able to work on the new chicken farm. You will obligatory need to transform the chickens from the old chicken coop into new style chickens. This process is irreversible. During the transformation, you will be asked to choose a house to which the new farm will be attached, as well as build a new farm. After this, 20 chickens from the old chicken coop will be transformed into 20 new chickens and placed on the new farm.

If you upgraded the old chicken coop using Chicken Trouble elixirs, then the chickens from the maximally improved chicken coop will be transformed into 30 chickens of the new type. If improvement is not complete, the number of chickens will be proportionately less.