Chicken Farm Questions

Frequently asked questions about chicken farming #

Frequently asked questions about chicken farming

Question: How many chicken farms can one clone have at a time?

Answer: Only one. But you can create an unlimited number of clones, each having an own farm.

Question: After building a chicken farm, my clone began to spend an additional 1 unit of stamina per day. Why?

Answer: Because the clone started working on the farm, which consumes 1 unit of stamina per day.

Question: Where does stamina come from to build and improve a chicken farm?

Answer: The clone’s stamina will be used up. If the stamina indicator is insufficient, then the missing stamina will be spent from the refectory.

Question: What happens if you don’t repair your chicken farm?

Answer: Production will stop, the clone will stop spending stamina, but the chicken will continue to consume food from the feeder, if available.

Question: What to do if the number of chickens on the farm has decreased for various reasons and is less than the original 20 individuals?

Answer: Don’t worry, because if the number of chickens decreases below 20, you always have the opportunity to purchase the missing flock up to 20 individuals. Even if you have not looked after your farm for a long time and, as a result of various circumstances, are left completely without chickens, you can completely restore the flock by purchasing 20 young chickens again.

However, keep in mind that the maximum number of chickens that can be purchased for an empty or understaffed farm at a time is 20 individuals. If you need to have more chickens than 20, then you will have to start breeding them and raising young birds right on your farm.

Thus, despite temporary difficulties with the livestock, you can always restore the herd to the level you need by additionally purchasing chickens or organizing your own breeding. The main thing is to notice the problem in time and take appropriate measures.

Question: What should I do if I mistakenly put too much feed into my chicken feeder? Can I take it back?

Answer: There is no need to worry if, through carelessness or mistake, you have added more feed to the farm feeder than the chickens need. You can always adjust the amount of any type of food in the feeder - reduce it to the required level or completely reset it to zero. To do this, simply go to the page of your chicken farm and in the window that opens, change the amount of a specific type of feed to the desired value and click “Save”. Excess food will be returned to your inventory.

Question: I switched the farm to reproduction mode and began to increase the number of chickens. How long will it take for a newborn to develop into an adult chicken?

Answer: A chicken born on your chicken farm is immediately a full-fledged adult. As soon as a chicken hatches from an egg, it immediately begins to eat food and produce products - eggs, meat, droppings. The chick does not need any additional time to mature.

Question: Are there any restrictions in the biotechnology department on the amount of Chicken Breeze fertilizer that I can produce from manure at one time or per day?

Answer: There are no restrictions on the volume of Chicken Breeze fertilizer production. You can produce as much of this fertilizer as the amount of chicken manure you have allows you to produce. At one time or in one day, you have the right to process the entire stock of manure into fertilizer - 7 kg of manure will give 1 kg of fertilizer. Thus, produce fertilizer in any quantity!

Question: I decided to sell my chicken farm at the Poultry Market. Will the house to which the farm is attached also be sold? Or is the farm alienated separately from the real estate?

Answer: When selling a chicken farm at the poultry market, it is always sold separately from the house to which it is attached. The house remains the property of the seller and is not transferred to the new owner of the farm. The buyer of a chicken farm must have his own house to which he can attach the purchased farm

Question: Does the size and capacity of my chicken farm affect my ability to participate in the Happy Farmer tournament?

Answer: The size and capacity of your chicken farm does not affect your ability to participate in this tournament. Owners of farms of any type can take part in it. However, it is worth noting that the more chickens you have on your farm, the higher your chances of winning the tournament and receiving valuable prizes!