Life of a chicken farm

Life of a chicken farm #

Life of a chicken farm

Buying chickens for the farm #

After construction, the chicken farm is empty. To buy chickens, click “Buy chickens” on the chicken farm page and purchase up to 20 pieces at 0.5 gold per chicken.

The purchase of chickens for a farm of any level occurs according to the rules:

  • you can buy 20 chickens at once for an empty farm;
  • if there are already chickens on the farm, but there are less than 20 of them, then you can buy the missing amount for 0.5 gold coins for each individual;
  • If the number of chickens has reached 20 or more, then it is no longer possible to purchase additional chickens. You can increase the number only by breeding chickens on your farm;
  • if for some reason the number of chickens on the farm has decreased again and is less than 20 individuals, then the opportunity to purchase opens up according to the same rules.

Feeding chickens #

Adult chickens eat once a day, and do it on their own when they get hungry. Immediately after eating, they begin production.

The feed consumption rate for one chicken is 0.1 grains per day. This diet is optimal and ensures maximum productivity. It is necessary to replenish the supply of feed in the farm feeder in a timely manner. You can prepare food for several days and even months in advance.

If there is a lack of feed on a particular day, the productivity of chickens decreases proportionally. A complete lack of feed leads to the fact that chickens stop laying eggs.

In addition to cereals, you can add flax and chicken health elixirs to the diet.

Thus, proper care and adequate feeding are of great importance to ensure high productivity of chickens.

Feeding chickens with flax #

State farm specialists have developed a special feed ration with the addition of flax to improve the chickens quality. To do this, you need to add flax to their regular diet. The norm is 0.05 kg of flax per chicken per day.

Benefits of feeding with flax:

  • increasing egg production in egg production mode;
  • increasing disease resistance.

You can buy flax at the commodity exchange or grow it yourself if you are involved in farming.

Circumstances affecting the life of chickens #

Just like in life, chickens in the game are subject to various unpredictable events. These events cannot be predicted. Only the probabilities of such events occurring are known.

The table shows the calculation of probabilities for a population of 20 chickens.

Table. The probability of life circumstances occurring for a chicken

EventProbability, %
Death from old age5
Death from disease30

For any 20 chickens kept on a farm (both full 20 and incomplete, for example, 18 or 19), no more than one random event of each of the listed types can occur within one day.

If the number of chickens on a farm increases, then the number of possible random events in one day increases accordingly. For example, with 100 chickens on a farm, up to 5 events of each type can occur per day. At the same time, the probability of the occurrence of each specific event remains unchanged in accordance with the percentages given in the table.

All such random events on a chicken farm occur at the same point in time - when it is time to feed the chickens and produce their products.

Thus, the larger the number of chickens on a farm, the higher the likelihood of various random events that can either positively or negatively affect the productivity and condition of the chickens.

How to reduce the negative impact of events #

It is impossible to prevent death from old age or chicken theft. But chickens will not die from the disease if there is enough “Chicken Health” elixir in the feeder (1 elixir per sick individual).

You can also reduce the likelihood of disease from 30% to 10% by adding the optimal amount of flax to the feed. With an incomplete diet of flax, the probability decreases proportionally.