Chicken farm products

Chicken farm products #


You can choose which of two modes each of your chicken farms will operate in: egg production mode or reproduction mode. These two modes are switched on your farm management page. You can change these modes at any time.

Egg production mode involves you collecting all the eggs laid from the chicken farm, and they are automatically added to your clone’s inventory. This mode will provide you with chicken eggs.

Reproduction mode, on the other hand, means that you will not take out eggs, but leave them for your hens to hatch until chicken hatch. This mode will allow you to increase the number of chickens on your farm.

Each chicken farm can provide your account with the following types of products:

  • eggs;
  • chicken;
  • chicken manure;
  • State Farm Coupons.

Remember that chickens produce only if there is food available. The production of all types of products increases proportionally with the growth of the number of animals on your farm. Products are produced once a day during feeding.

Egg production #

To produce chicken eggs on the farm, you must enable the egg production mode.

If each hen receives the optimal diet, she will lay one egg every 48 hours.

In egg production mode, all eggs laid go into your clone’s inventory.

Table. Egg production on a chicken farm

Number of chickensProducts, eggs/day

By adding flax to the diet of each chicken, egg production increases.

Table. Extra eggs on a chicken farm when eating flax

Number of chickensAdditional products, eggs/day
20from 0 to 2
40from 0 to 4
60from 0 to 8
80from 0 to 12
100from 0 to 16

Using chicken eggs:

  • as food for clones in the refectory (source of stamina);
  • for equipping pleasure boats;
  • as an ingredient for elixirs in the alchemical laboratory;
  • for sale on the commodity exchange.

Chicken meat #

If you have 40 or more chickens, you can take the birds to the meat factory and get 1.5 meat from each chicken. You can donate any number of birds at a time. The cost of processing one chicken is 0.15 gold coins.

Using chicken meat:

  • as food for clones in the refectory (source of stamina)
  • for equipping pleasure boats.
  • as dog food.
  • as food for dragons.
  • as an ingredient for making some elixirs in the alchemy laboratory.
  • for sale on the commodity exchange.

Chicken droppings #

You will receive this type of product in any operating mode of the chicken farm. Each hen produces 0.16 chicken manure per day. The more chickens you have, the more manure they will produce each day.

Chicken manure is a valuable raw material for processing into a fertilizer called “Chicken Breeze”. Manure can be processed in the “Manure and Fertilizers” section (“Business” → “Livestock” → “Manure and Fertilizers”). You can use the resulting fertilizer on your agricultural fields (see section “Business → Agriculture”).

To get 1 kg of Chicken Breeze fertilizer, you need to spend:

  • 7 kg of chicken manure;
  • 0.002 gold coin.

If for some reason you do not want to process chicken manure yourself, you can sell it at the Fair. You can also sell ready-made fertilizer “Chicken Breeze” there.

Exchange chicken farm for State Farm coupons #

You have the opportunity to exchange chicken farm for state farm coupons. To do this, you had at least 40 chickens on your farm. For every chicken you bring to State Farm Hatchery, you will receive 3 coupons or more. The number of coupons for each chicken depends on the total number of chickens on your farm at the time of exchange.

Table. Exchanging chicken farm for coupons

Number of chickensIncreasing factor (%)State Farm Coupons
20 - 39
40 - 591120
60 - 791.05189
80 - 991.1264

When you exchange your farm for coupons, you also transfer the chicken farm building along with the birds. Please note that you cannot exchange only birds, leaving an empty farm building.

State Farm coupons received can be used in the following ways:

  • to purchase State Farm securities or meat plant securities at a securities auction;
  • to produce super feed for cattle;
  • to sell on the commodity exchange.