Life of a Dragon #


Dragons are legendary creatures that are known from the myths and folklore of many peoples of the world. They are often described as huge lizards with wings that can breathe fire.

The earliest mentions of dragons are found in the mythology of Ancient China, India and Mesopotamia. Dragons symbolized strength, power, and wisdom. In European folklore, dragons were most often depicted as dangerous monsters that were killed by knights. Dragons had supernatural abilities - they could fly, spit fire, poison or ice. Their scales were very strong, and their claws and fangs were sharp. According to legends, dragons guarded treasures. They could be found in caves, on mountain tops.

Thanks to an amazing discovery - amber with a drop of an ancient dragon blood inside - and the achievements of genetic engineering, it became possible to revive these flying lizards. Now any ruler or castle owner can build caves from amber or stone and have their own dragon.

If you are not yet ready to breed your own dragons, you can buy a pet at the State Dragon Farm Fair. There other players sell their little dragons.

Important! To have a dragon, a clone must have the intention score of at least 500. Only then will he be able to become the owner of such an unusual pet.

Dragons bred in the clone world have an amazing ability to find gold. They bring the found gold to their caves. There, the collection and accounting of precious metal takes place, as well as their conversion into gold coins, which are sent to the player’s game account.

The larger the dragon grows, the farther it can fly in search of gold and the more it brings per night.

If necessary, a clone can transfer his animals, including dragons, to another clone from the same player for free. The main thing is that the new owner meets the necessary requirements in terms of status, number of pets, and so on. To transfer an animal to another clone, click on the name of the current owner in the list.

Attention! Owning dragons is a big responsibility. Before getting such an unusual pet, consult with experienced dragon owners. Learn all the intricacies of feeding and keeping these creatures.

Remember: getting a dragon is easy, but getting rid of it is extremely difficult. Think in advance about how you will provide it with food. Feed prices can fluctuate greatly, so purchasing food may result in losses.

Read more about keeping dragons in this help section.