Artifacts for a dragon #

Artifacts for a dragon

The game has a variety of artifacts for dragons that can improve characteristics and provide other benefits to both the dragon and its owner. After an artifact is put on the dragon, it remains with the reptile until the artifact is completely worn out or until the dragon dies.

Important! By putting an amulet on a dragon, you forever associate this artifact with a specific reptile, and after that it is impossible to remove the amulet. An artifact with remaining durability will be returned to the owner’s inventory only if the dragon that carried it dies. After this, the artifact can be equipped on another dragon.

Artifacts for dragons are available for purchase and sale at the fair in the artifacts section.

Dragon Amulet #

The owner has the ability to create the Dragon Amulet artifact in the alchemy laboratory. This artifact has an initial durability of 365 days.

To make a dragon amulet, you need 5000 units of Elvereon stone, which can be created in the alchemy laboratory.

The amulet can only be placed on a dragon whose weight is at least 500 kg. To do this, go to the dragon page and click on the corresponding icon on the animal’s image. After this, the amulet will be automatically placed into the dragon owner’s inventory.

When a dragon wears the amulet, its “sense” rating increases by +10 points. Also, a dragon with an amulet can protect the castle treasury from attacks by robbers. It is important that the dragon receives a sufficient amount of food - at least 50% of the norm. This will allow the dragon to maintain its activity and ability to protect the castle treasury from robbers. In case of insufficient nutrition, the dragon will be busy thinking about food and will not react to the appearance of robbers. A dragon can only guard the castle in which cave it lives. Therefore, you should take care of your dragon’s diet so that it stays in good shape and can perform its functions efficiently.

Dragon Crypto Amulet #

This is a special artifact, which is essentially similar to a regular amulet, with the exception of one important detail: it adds +20 units to the reptile’s “sense” indicator.

A distinctive feature of a dragon cryptoamulet is that it cannot be created independently in an alchemical laboratory. To get a dragon cryptoamulet, you need to purchase a princely crypto box, which is available at the cryptobox auction.

A cryptobox contains this unique artifact, which can add +20 units to your reptile’s “sense” score.