Death of a Dragon #

Death of a Dragon

Dragons, having reached the age of 1001 days, move to an unknown area and disappear dying. This means that in a gaming context, dragons that reach this age complete their life cycle and disappear from the game world. However, their remains may remain in caves. These remains include various parts of dragons, such as claws, scales and fangs, and are of great value. The remains can be used to craft various magical artifacts in the alchemy laboratory (feature under development).

The number of remains that are left when a dragon dies depends on its weight. If the dragon was emaciated and weighed less than 3 tons, then there may be nothing left of it. However, the greater the weight of the dragon, especially if it weighed 5 tons or more, the more valuable remains may occur.

Dragons, when they die, can leave behind various types of resources that have special value and can be used in various aspects of the game:

  • dragon scales These resources are used to create special leather cloaks in the workshops of principalities and settlements. Each scale has a nominal value of 0.05 gold coin. They may be available at the fair for sale and purchase (in the raw hides section);
  • dragon claws and fangs. These resources are particularly powerful, but their exact use is still unknown. Alchemists are conducting research in the game world, and perhaps in the future they can be used to produce weapons or amulets. These artifacts are rare, powerful, and of great value.

Players search for dragon death sites to obtain valuable resources and use them in the game.

In addition, dragon scales may be available for sale and purchase at the game fair in the “Raw Leather” subsection.