Dragon Rider

Dragon Rider #

Dragon Rider

Clones have the opportunity to learn a new skill at the university - “Dragon Rider”. In order to undergo this training, a clone must have a social status of at least bourgeois. Training requires a cost of 30 gold coins and 5000 experience, which are spent directly during the training process. In addition, at the time of training, the clone’s intention level must be at least 3000 units.

After successfully learning the “Dragon Rider” skill, your clone will be able to participate in hostilities as part of the prince’s squad, using the dragon as a vehicle. To fly, you must have a dragon on your game account that is more than 100 days old. It is important to note that for a female dragon to be ready to fly, she must not be pregnant.

A controllable dragon will appear in your storage and can be used as a regular weapon. Also, to ride a dragon, you can go to the “Riders” page (Business → Livestock → Dragons → Riders). To ride a dragon, select it from your list of reptiles and select the clone you want to ride from the drop-down menu.

If the dragon participates in combat battles, it can spew out flames, which consumes 50 liters of drunk oil for each “shot”. The dragon fires one “shot” per turn. A dragon can fire a maximum number of “shots”, which is determined by the amount of oil it consumes, divided by 50 liters. For example, if an adult dragon consumes 800 liters of oil per day, then it can fire a maximum of 16 shots. This can be considered as the dragon’s maximum “ammunition load”.

Each “shot” of a dragon deals damage from 20 to 100 health points.

At the moment, there are no weapons in the land of clones that can pierce the powerful skin of a dragon, which makes them practically invulnerable. The same invulnerability extends to its rider. Flying on a dragon requires maximum concentration of the rider, which is why he cannot carry firearms.

First of all, dragons attack ground targets. The accuracy of aiming and strike depends on the rider’s military skills. Low levels of military skills and initiative of the rider can affect the results of the dragon attack. Please remember that this is a real combat battle and you may be facing experienced warriors! On the other hand, a well-trained rider with high military skills can provide effective attacks that can terrify the enemy.

When all ground targets are destroyed, but the enemy still has dragons, the unspent ammunition is used to attack the enemy’s dragons.

An important characteristic of a dragon in battle is “Fury”. In order for a dragon to attack first, its “Rage” rating must be higher than that of the enemy. Otherwise, the dragon becomes the target of an attack from the enemy.

During the attack, the “Strength” indicator plays a role. The dragon that begins the battle receives a bonus to its own strength of +500 units. The dragon’s power value is calculated using the formula:

\(F = W + 10S\)

The following variables are used in the above formula:

\(F\)dragon power value
\(W\)dragon weight
\(S\)dragon “Strength” parameter

The losing dragon leaves the battlefield. The winning side receives +200 points for each health lost.

In the event of an aerial battle between dragons of opposing sides, for each dragon defeated, the winners receive +200 points for the lost health. This amount is distributed among all the dragons of the winning side according to their weight. In this case, the weight is determined by the resulting strength of each dragon in the winning side’s squad. If the dragon’s ammunition is completely exhausted, it leaves the battlefield.

For each combat flight on a dragon, the rider receives the following bonuses to characteristics:

Military skills:

  • for an accurate hit: +6 points;
  • for an inaccurate hit: +2 points;


  • for participation in a battle: +3 points;
  • for a victory: +6 points.

Bonus to military skills:

  • basic: +33 points;
  • for participation in battle: +99 points.

Thus, each combat flight on a dragon allows the rider to improve his military skills, initiative and receive additional bonuses to military skills depending on the result of the flight and participation in battles.