Gold mining

Gold mining #

A dragon lives 1001 days. During the first 30 days of life, the dragon does not yet know how to fly and does not bring gold. Starting from day 101, dragons can breed in the amber caves of the principality. Dragons can live alone or hunt and live in packs. Tamed dragons are able to recognize their owner and follow his commands.

Basic rules for gaining gold with dragons:

  • the dragon must be well-fed to go in search of gold. A hungry dragon remains in the cave and does not work. Therefore, it is important to feed your dragons regularly;
  • The more dragons there are on a player’s account, the more gold they can bring in overall per night. However, there are a limited number of gold caches on the territory. The dragons begin to compete and find less and less gold. Monitor their indicators;
  • During war, retreating troops often hide gold in caches. The dragons are actively looking for him. This gives them the opportunity to bring in more gold than usual;
  • It is impossible to accurately predict in advance the amount of gold that a particular dragon will be able to produce in one night. This depends on many factors, including the number of caches in the area and the activity of other dragons.