Elixirs for a dragon #

Elixirs for a dragon

The Alchemy Lab provides the ability to create several elixirs that can greatly help in caring for dragons and using them in tournament battles. To automatically use these elixirs, set up this function in the “Dragon Attribute Restoration” section of the “Refectory” tab.

Health Eixir for dragons #

This elixir completely (100%) restores the dragon’s health that was lost during the battle.

To create an elixir, boxes are used that can hold 100 bottles of this elixir. You can make elixirs in the alchemy laboratory.

These elixirs can be indispensable aids in caring for dragons and their successful participation in tournament battles.

Elixir “Fire Charge” #

Each copy of this elixir allows you to restore 1 unit of fire charge for a dragon. In combat, the dragon can use a fire charge to attack. The initial number of fire charges available to a dragon in battle depends on the number of liters of oil drunk at the last feeding and is divided by 50.

It is important to note that the elixir restores fire charges after combat, but no more than was initially available. For example, if a dragon can have 5 fire charges in battle (after drinking 250 liters of oil), by using the appropriate amount of elixirs you can restore the dragon’s fire charges to 5.

This elixir is created using crates containing 25 bottles, which you can create in the alchemy laboratory.