Fertilizers production

Fertilizers production #

Fertilizers production

In the “Manure and Fertilizers” section (Business → Livestock → Manure and Fertilizers), players have the opportunity to process the manure obtained from their animals into fertilizers. The use of this fertilizer contributes to a significant increase in yield in agricultural fields. This is an important game mechanic that allows you to optimize your agricultural business and increase crop production.

Detailed information about the production process, types of manure and corresponding types of fertilizers, as well as a table with details of availability in the game, are provided in the section “Processing Manure into Fertilizers”. This is an important component of economic strategy in the game world.

There are 4 types of manure in the game, and each of them can be processed into a corresponding fertilizer. The process of turning manure into fertilizer helps players effectively manage their resources and maximize their potential.

Table Processing manure into fertilizers.

Raw materialWeight, kgFertilizerWeight, kg
Dragon manure10Dragon Breeze1
Cow manure7Cow breeze1
Pig manure4Pig Breeze1
Chicken droppings7Chicken Breeze1

Processing manure into fertilizer is an important component of the gameplay, allowing you to increase the yield of agricultural fields. This mechanic also takes into account the presence of a cowshed and a pigsty, which affects the processing costs:

  • manure processing: to obtain 1 kg of any type of fertilizer you will need to spend 0.002 gold coins;
  • Cowshed: If you have a cowshed, the cost of processing cattle manure into Cow Breeze fertilizer can be reduced;
  • Pigsty: If you have a pigsty, the cost of processing pig manure into Pig Breeze fertilizer can also be reduced.

Fertilizers can be used on your agricultural plots to increase the yield. They can also be sold at the fair, which lets you make additional profit.

This entire system allows players to optimize their game strategy, manage resources and develop their farming enterprises in our game.