Peacock products #

Before moving on to the description of peacock products, it is important to note one feature. Unlike chickens, peacocks do not have a clear cycle and schedule for laying eggs. They can lay both ordinary and precious eggs completely randomly and unpredictably.

The probabilities of the appearance of precious eggs in different breeds indicated in the tables should be considered only as relative indicators of the egg production of one breed compared to others.

Peacocks eat once a day at their own request. During the day, all products (eggs) accumulate in special perches. And at the beginning of the next day, all the products accumulated over the past day are simultaneously transferred to the inventory of the clone - the owner of the peacocks.

Precious eggs #

The most valuable product of peacocks are precious eggs - gold and silver. This is an extremely sought after gaming resource in the land of clones. Next, we will consider in detail the options for using precious eggs.

Options for using precious eggs #

Gold and silver eggs obtained from peacocks provide a variety of uses:

  • to purchase mines at a mine auction;
  • for the construction of the principality;
  • for the development and construction of structures in the principality, including megalithic buildings and amber dragon caves;
  • to purchase hunting grounds in your principality;
  • to purchase securities of an alchemical laboratory at a securities auction;
  • for the production of certain elixirs in the alchemical laboratory;
  • you can sell precious eggs on the commodity exchange.

When using precious eggs as payment, their nominal value is: 2.5 gold for a golden egg and 1.25 gold for a silver egg.

Precious Egg Fund #

The fund of precious peacock eggs is formed from the following contributions:

  • 2% of the cost of equipment when purchased by hunters.
  • 3% of the cost of weapons when purchased by hunters.
  • 10% from sales of hunting tickets.
  • The state farm transfers 20% of the income from the sale of peacocks to the precious egg fund.

Regular eggs #

From time to time, your peacocks will lay regular eggs. In general, Common, Red and Royal peacocks lay simple eggs more often than peacocks of the Andreevsky, Aleksandrovsky and Nikolaevsky breeds. This may not happen every day.

Regular eggs can be used as follows:

  • serve in the refectory as food for your clones (source of stamina);
  • for equipping pleasure boats for sailing;
  • as an ingredient for making some elixirs in the alchemy laboratory;
  • sell on the commodity exchange in the trading guild.

Black Pearl #

Peacocks of the Common, Red and Royal breeds can periodically carry black pearls. This valuable material has several uses:

  • construction and repair of a home protection system;
  • construction and repair of a settlement defense system;
  • construction of a settlement;
  • increasing the level of development of the settlement.