Buying peacocks #

Any clone of the social status craftsman or higher can purchase an unlimited number of peacocks.

When calculating the value of a clone’s property and the value of a player’s account, the value of all buildings for peacocks and the peacocks themselves is taken into account at the nominal (state) cost of their acquisition.

The game offers six breeds of peacocks:

  • Ordinary;
  • Red;
  • Royal;
  • Andreevsky;
  • Alexandrovsky;
  • Nikolaevsky.

Peacocks of obsolete Andreevsky, Aleksandrovsky and Nikolaevsky breeds cannot be purchased

Buying peacocks of the Ordinary, Red and Royal breeds #

You can get Ordinary Peacocks, Red Peacocks, Royal Peacocks in the following ways:

  • buy from State Farm nursery.
  • Buy State Farm Peacock Fair from other players (secondary market).

Peacocks of the Ordinary, Red and Royal breeds live 330-360 days. The lifespan of each peacock is determined when purchased from the state farm nursery.

Table. The cost of peacocks in the nursery and the likelihood of laying a precious egg

BreedCost, goldProbability
Ordinary peacockOrdinary1Low
Red peacockRed3Average
Royal peacockRoyal7High