Sports boars

Sports boars #

This chapter will focus on the sporting characteristics of pigs, training and competitions. After studying the material, you will be able to raise a real champion!

If you want to become a trainer and train boars yourself, go to the “Boar Trainer” section (“Business” → “Pig Racing” → “Boar Trainer”). You can read more about the work of a boar trainer here.

In addition to gender, age and weight, each pig has special characteristics that affect winning the race. Your pets can participate in the following types of races:

Sport characteristics of boars #

When purchasing a pig from the State Farm Nursery, all its characteristics are zero (except for muscle mass, which is equal to 10,000).

The initial value of each characteristic of a newborn piglet, except for experience, depends on the corresponding indicator of the boar at the time of mating and on the inbreeding coefficient. Let us remember that each pig has its own maximum possible value of characteristics, and it is determined genetically. You can achieve the maximum value of the characteristics during training.

The quality of a boar’s nutrition affects its characteristics during the race - the lower the satiety of the animal as a percentage of the optimal diet, the lower all its characteristics.

Muscle mass #

It afects acceleration when passing an obstacle-free section of the track.

Calculated as a percentage of the animal’s weight. The minimum value is 10% of the weight (10,000), the maximum value is 70% of the weight (70,000). After each training session, muscle mass increases by 0.16% of the minimum muscle mass (by 16). Participation in a race also adds 0.16% of the minimum muscle mass to the boar. As the animal gains overall weight, the current value of muscle mass will decrease slightly. This happens because the animal’s weight increases, but the volume of muscle mass without training remains the same.

Experience #

Affects all characteristics except muscle mass. If during a race the value of the characteristic that determines the speed of passing an obstacle is less than the experience value, then a random characteristic value is taken in the range from C x C / E to E (C is the characteristic value, E is the experience value).

Develops by training any characteristic (agility, flair, jumping ability, stability, maneuverability). 1 hour of any training gives +1 experience.

Dexterity #

Affects cornering skill.

Training: +1 unit per 1 hour of agility training.

Flair #

Affects the skill of passing tunnels.

Training: +1 unit per 1 hour of sense training.

Jumpability #

Affects the skill of overcoming obstacles.

Training: +1 unit per 1 hour of jumping training.

Sustainability #

Affects the skill of overcoming ice crusts.

Training: +1 point per 1 hour of resilience training.

Maneuverability #

Affects the skill of overcoming swampy terrain.

Training: +1 unit per 1 hour of maneuverability training.

Sports mode #

In order for your boar to have access to a sports career, he must be switched to sports mode. To do this, you need to enable the appropriate setting above the image of an animal in a barnyard or in a pigsty. Sports mode is available only for boars aged from 15 to 350 days inclusive. Sows cannot play sports.

Boars in “sports mode” can train their athletic abilities, participate in races at the boar stadium and in the “Three Piglets” tournament.

An animal engaged in sports activities consumes food in the same quantity as under normal conditions.

Attention! When the “sports mode” is activated, the boar’s readiness for mating is reset. He will not be able to produce offspring as long as the sport mode is turned on. For the animal to participate in mating again, it is necessary to turn off the sports mode. 10 days after switching off, with an optimal diet, the animal will recover and be ready to mate.

When the “sport mode” is turned off, the boar’s current muscle mass decreases by 15% (but not below 10,000)

Boar training and competitions #

High performance indicators of your animal’s sporting characteristics are the key to victory in competitions.

Some boar characteristics, such as muscle mass, experience, agility, flair, jumping ability, stability and agility, can be improved in the training arenas of the boar stadium. Training is available for animals aged from 15 to 350 days inclusive. To do this, you need to put the boar into sports mode. The owner of the trained pet (as well as other clones on this account) must have a stamina rating of at least 0.

The cost of one hour of training is assigned by a specific trainer. When paying for a training session, trainers with the minimum price per hour of training are automatically selected. If there are several trainers with the same minimum price, then the selection is made randomly.

One training session takes exactly one hour and is aimed at developing a specific sports skill chosen by the pet owner:

  • 1 hour of agility training adds +1 to agility;
  • 1 hour of sense training adds +1 to sense;
  • 1 hour of jumping training adds +1 to jumping ability;
  • 1 hour of resilience training adds +1 to resilience;
  • 1 hour of agility training adds +1 to agility.

In addition, any training brings an additional +1 to experience and increases muscle mass by +16.

Training results are credited after the paid training is completed. You can order any number of training sessions (in hours) for different skills.

Dismissal of a trainer during a training session does not affect the completion of the training session paid for by him.

To view your current paid training schedule, click on the corresponding icon next to the image of the animal.

During the paid training, your boar can participate in races. You can only participate in one race at a time. A race can only be canceled by the owner who created it. Boars who join a race may not leave until it ends or is cancelled.

To the right of your pet’s image is the “Metrics” button. The maximum possible indicator value for each characteristic, which can be developed through training, is displayed in green. The current value of the characteristics is indicated in red.

Races are regularly held at the boar stadium. Any owner of an athlete boar can create a race. You can also join an existing race where there is space available. Participation can be either free or paid.

The Three Piglets state tournament is held several times a week, offering high prizes in gold.

Participation in any sports race brings the boar an additional +16 to muscle mass.