Pigsty #

A pig barn is an important and useful economic structure that has a significant impact on many aspects of running a pig farming business.

The pigsty is built alone for the entire game account, that is, common to all clones of a given account. At the same time, the animals kept in the pigsty formally remain the property of the clone to which they originally belonged.

Pig barns in the world of clone land have different capacities, which determine the maximum number of livestock that can be housed there at one time and benefit from the benefits provided. If there are more pigs than the pig barn’s capacity, the excess pigs will be fed from a trough in their owner’s barnyard.

An important point is that the pigsty needs regular repairs. If you do not repair the pigsty in time, it will break down, cease to function and therefore cease to provide all its beneficial effects for the pigs contained in it. In this case, the animals will no longer be able to eat in the broken pigsty and will begin to consume food only from the feeder in the barnyard of their clone owner.

Based on your chosen strategy for developing a pig farming business, you can start with a small pig sty, gradually expanding it as the number of animals increases. Or you can immediately build a pigsty of the maximum size. But remember: the larger the pigsty, the more various beneficial effects it provides to your pigs, however, the costs of periodic repairs of such a large pigsty will be higher.

Construction cost #

The cost of building a pigsty depends on its capacity.

Table. Construction of a pigsty

Capacity (heads)GoldStaminaWoodStoneIron
1009.514 25047547547

The process of building a pigsty is instant.

Repair #

The pigsty requires repairs every 30 days of operation. Repair costs do not accumulate - the cost remains the same, even if no repairs are made for several months.

The larger the pigsty, the more materials are spent on its repair.

Table. Pig sty renovation

Capacity (heads)WoodStone

If you did not have time or forgot to repair your pigsty on time, it will break. Until you fix it, all your pigs will only consume food from the feeder in the barnyard of their clones - the owners.

At the same time, in a broken, non-functional pigsty it will be impossible to mate one’s own sows and boars. Also, a broken pigsty will no longer provide a discount on the processing of manure into fertilizers, will not increase the weight of newborn piglets and will not be taken into account when calculating the total value of the game account property.

However, it is absolutely not necessary for you to personally monitor the repair time for the pigsty and do it manually. You can activate the convenient “Automatically repair if broken” feature right on your pig barn page. Then repairs will be carried out automatically immediately after a breakdown.

Table. Automatic pigsty repair

Automatic repair+
Automatic purchase of a resource for repairs
Maximum automatic purchase price

Increasing pigsty capacity #

The larger your pigsty, the more benefits it will bring to your business. However, at the very beginning of their careers, entrepreneurs do not always have the funds to build a pigsty of the maximum level. Therefore, as a rule, they start by building an entry-level pigsty. You can upgrade your pigsty at any time, increasing its capacity and the benefits it provides.

The capacity of the pigsty can be increased gradually, improving it one level after another.

Table. Costs for improving a pigsty

Capacity (heads)GoldStaminaWoodStoneIron
20 → 100812,00040040040
100 → 4003045,00015001500150
400 → 1500110165,00055005500550
1500 → 4000250375,00012,50012,5001250

The benefits of a pigsty #

Simplifying bulk livestock handling #

As your number of pigs increases, dealing with each animal individually becomes inconvenient and time-consuming. The presence of a pigsty can greatly simplify mass operations with a large number of livestock, for example, the procedure for feeding them.

If there is no pigsty, you need to feed the pigs in the barnyard of each clone every day. However, if you have a pigsty, all pigs contained in it, belonging to different clones of your account, will eat from one common feeder of the pigsty itself. This significantly saves time and allows you to quickly control the availability of all necessary feed in your animals’ diet.

Possibility of mating your own animals #

Only if you have a pigsty, you will be able to breed sows and boars that belong to you for free, including animals that formally belong to your different clones. Without a pigsty, you can only rent stud boars for mating at a special fair.

Weight gain in newborn piglets #

If you have a large pig barn with additional improvements, such as installing special magic solar plates on the roof of the pig barn, you will be able to produce offspring of greater weight compared to the basic conditions. These plates have a special effect on the animals in the pigsty, due to which the weight of newborn piglets increases.

Table. Cost of improvement of a pigsty

CapacityNumber of plates, pcs.

If you decide to increase the capacity of the pigsty by expanding it to the next level, then you will need to additionally purchase and install exactly the number of new solar plates that are indicated in the table for this new level. In this case, all the plates that you installed on previous levels of the pigsty are already taken into account and do not need to be installed again. The weight of the offspring in a pigsty of any level, which is not improved by plates, is calculated using the standard formula (weight of parents / 2) • 6%. If plates are installed in the pigsty, then the formula for calculating the weight of the offspring takes on a new look.

Table. Increasing litter weight with the maximum number of plates in pigsties of different sizes

CapacityOffspring weight, kg
100(parents weight / 2) • 11%
400(parents weight / 2) • 14%
1500(parents weight / 2) • 19%
4000(parents weight / 2) • 21%

Discount on processing pig manure #

One of the important advantages of the pigsty is that it provides its owner with a discount when processing pig manure into Pork Breeze fertilizer. It does not matter at all whether this manure was produced directly by your own pigs, or whether you simply bought it at a fair from other players. The discount is provided specifically for the cost in gold coins of the process of processing manure into finished fertilizer. And the higher the level of your pigsty, the greater the discount you will receive.

Table. Discount for manure processing

Capacity (heads)Discount on the price of manure processing (%)
Animal Farm (pigpen not built)0