Banking #


Banking is an additional opportunity for players who want to diversify their gaming activities and earn additional income through banking.

Bankers in the land of clones are respected residents (clones), most often emperors or princes with a high level of development who have reached the social status of “count”.

You can open your own bank on the “Private Bank” page (“Investor” → “Private Bank”).

However, keep in mind that a banking license has a cost, so players should evaluate the economic feasibility of this action. If your bank has very few potential clients, it may not be profitable to engage in this activity due to the license fee. However, for players who are actively involved in mentoring, participate in affiliate programs and have a certain number of clients, banking can become an interesting and profitable area;

Possibilities #

The bank in the virtual world of clone land provides a number of basic functions and capabilities. All this contributes to the variety of game interactions and provides the inhabitants of the land of clones with convenience in managing their finances and resources.

Selling Clonecoins #

The bank can also sell Clonecoins to the residents of Clone Land, allowing them to exchange Clonecoins for in-game currency.

Buying Clonecoins #

The bank can buy Clonecoins from the inhabitants of Clone Land, which are used for various gaming transactions.

Transfers of Clonecoins #

The bank provides the opportunity for residents to transfer Clonecoins among themselves. In this case, the bank may charge a commission for the transfer.

Interbank trading of Clonecoins #

Bankers can enter into personal agreements to trade Clonecoins among themselves.

Establishing exchange rate policy #

The bank that ranks first has the right to set the exchange rate policy for the purchase and sale of Clonecoins. This rate is to be used by all clone land banks.

Commissions regulation #

The bank may set fees for various transactions, such as transfers and currency exchange.

Communication with customers #

The bank can conduct a dialogue with clients through game mail, solving their questions, providing information about current rates, terms of transactions and other aspects. Correspondence with bank clients via in-game mail can serve as evidence of transactions performed and communication with clients.

Banking license #

To open your own bank you need a banking license. The license allows players to open and maintain their own bank, giving them the opportunity to participate in the exchange of Clonecoins for in-game currency and other in-game transactions. The license is subject to the following provisions:

Validity #

A banking license is issued for a period of one month.

Price #

The license cost is 500 gold coins.

Automatic renewal #

When you set the “automatically renew” option, the system will automatically deduct 500 gold coins from your game account every month to renew your license.

Suspension of the bank’s work #

You can suspend the operation of the bank at any time convenient for you. On the other hand, when the bank’s operations are suspended, the timer for the validity of the banking license continues running.

License revocation #

The banking license may be revoked by the game administration if serious violations of the game rules are detected or systematic complaints from bank clients. In this case, gold coins paid for the license are not returned. This is aimed at maintaining order and fairness in the gaming economy, as well as protecting the interests of players from unfair practices. Therefore, it is important to follow the rules and provide quality customer service to avoid license revocation.