Treasure hunters

Treasure hunters #

Treasure hunters

To start your journey in the “Treasure Hunters” module, you need to go to the “Business” page and select the “Treasure Hunters” section.

General Webman uses gold coins to control his mercenary armies. He transports large caravans of gold, which are attacked by clones. Some of this gold is lost in battles, and some is hidden by Webman in caches. Clone Intelligence reports the approximate locations of these caches. A list of available caches that can be explored and attacked can be found on the Caches page.

In addition to gold, members of treasure hunting teams may stumble upon the remains of great dragons. These remains include scales, claws and fangs. The remains of dragons can be used to create powerful artifacts that will help the clones in battles and other adventures.

Rules for creating a squad and searching for caches #

In the Treasure Hunters module, you can create your own squad of treasure hunters using weapon-equipped clones from your account.

It is important to note the following points:

  • squad size is limited to 10 clones, and the number of such squads on your account is not limited;
  • each clone that you want to include in the squad must resign from the squad, security, gang or bandit army;
  • the squad can be replenished with new fighters at any time, and you can also change their weapons and ammunition as needed;
  • You can dismiss a clone from a squad or disband the entire squad no earlier than 24 hours after the last battle of the group;
  • on one day, each squad has the opportunity to find up to three caches, which means that the squad can make 3 moves.
  • the squad leader must have at least 0 stamina and at least 10 health to make the next move;
  • between each move the squad must rest for 5 minutes;
  • if your squad holds a cache and you attack another cache, then the amount gold of these caches will be summed up;
  • An unlimited number of attacks can be made on a guarded cache.

When your treasure hunting party discovers a cache and begins to guard it, it does not mean that the cache is protected forever. Other clone squads may notice the guarded cache and try to attack it. In this case, your guard unit must successfully repel the attack in order to hold the cache. Otherwise, the cache goes to the attacking side. A squad cannot attack a cache guarded by a squad from the same account.

It is also important to note that the squad, guarding the cache, must hold it for 24 hours. The time begins to count down after your squad has captured the cache. If your squad successfully holds the cache during this time, the treasure found is automatically delivered to the bank and credited to your game account.

Thus, this process is a competition between different squads of clones for the right to guard and obtain treasures. Successfully defending a cache requires preparation and coordination on your part.

Fights between squads #

Battles between squads of treasure honters are held using various types of weapons according to the general rules of battles between clones.

The following types of weapons are used:

  • steel arms;
  • firearms;
  • artillery;
  • battle fleet.

To participate in combat using firearms, a clone must have live ammunition. These cartridges can be produced in the “Weapon Making” section or bought/sold in the “Trade Guild”. Likewise, Battle Artillery and Navy use cannonballs, which are also available for production or purchase.

It is important to properly prepare your treasure hunting party, including the choice of weapons, the availability of live cartridges or cannonballs, and the participation of clones with sufficient health and stamina.

Weapon durability is written off according to standard rules.

In addition, it is worth noting that combat skills and military ranks of clones are NOT used in battles between squads of treasure hunters. This means that the outcome of the battle depends solely on the weapon, tactics and training of your squad.

In battle, you can also use protective leather clothing, which has different parameters of strength and damage absorption. You can read more about this in the corresponding section.

The battle progress #

The participation of clones in a group of treasure hunters in battles has certain restrictions and requirements:

  • clones in a treasure hunting group cannot participate in battles while hungry.
  • clones in a group of treasure hunters consume 10 points of stamina for each battle, both on attacking and defensive sides;
  • if clones’ stamina drops below 0, they cannot participate in battle;
  • a clone does not participate in battle if its health is less than 10 points and is not restored automatically before the battle;
  • Stamina consumption for clones participating in battle on the attacking side always occurs;
  • Stamina consumption for clones on the defending side occurs only if the clone has made at least one move during the battle. Stamina will be used up on the next day after the battle at the estimated time;
  • If a clone from a group of treasure hunters participates in a tournament and his guarded cache is attacked during a tournament battle, he will not participate in protecting the cache, as he will be busy at the tournament.

Being part of a group of treasure hunters has its own challenges and requires careful planning to effectively manage the clones’ resources and maintain their ability to participate in combat.

It is clear that when fighting between groups of treasure hunters, there are a number of rules that are important to consider:

  • if a clone as part of the defending squad has awards that provide a bonus to characteristics, these bonuses are not taken into account during the battle;
  • if a clone as part of an attacking squad has awards that provide a bonus to characteristics, these bonuses are taken into account during the battle in full;
  • If a group of treasure hunters (“Group A”) is attacked by another group of treasure hunters (“Group B”) and loses the cache, then “Group A” can counterattack “Group B” within 10 minutes if both groups have free moves.

These rules govern the dynamics of combat and counterattacks between groups of treasure hunters, allowing players to effectively interact and compete for treasure.

Battle trophies and stats accrual #

The ammunition and shells used by fighters during combat between groups of treasure hunters contain both iron and gold.

After winning a battle, the victorious group of treasure hunters can collect up to 75% of the ammunition from the battlefield (divided into iron and gold).

The gold adds to the size of the treasure the group is holding. The iron is immediately distributed among the members of the winning group according to the following rules:

  • soldiers who have spent ammunition receive back 75% of the iron they contain;
  • fighters who knock out at least 1 unit of health from the enemy receive a share of 75% of the iron from the ammunition spent by the defeated side. Each fighter’s share is determined in proportion to the number of units of health he knocked out from the enemy.

When distributing iron, quantities are rounded to two decimal places, which may result in small distribution losses.

These rules determine how gold and iron are distributed among the members of the winning group of treasure hunters after a successful battle.

During combat operations (only as part of an attacking group of cache robbers), the clone earns the following characteristics:

  • military skills: +6 points for an accurate hit, +2 points for an inaccurate hit;
  • military initiative: +3 units for a lost battle, +6 units for a victory;
  • additional bonus for kvass: depending on the weapon used (read below in the corresponding section).

Units that are on the defensive do not receive combat characteristics.

Characteristic “Additional bonus for kvass” #

By participating in battles as part of a squad of treasure hunters, the clone earns the “Additional bonus for kvass” characteristic for each battle performed. This characteristic can be exchanged for military skills using the drink “kvass”. Each bottle of kvass drunk by a clone in the refectory will automatically exchange 33 units of “Additional bonus for kvass” for 33 units of military skills.

This bonus will be equal to triple (x3) the base value. That is, a clone armed with a battleship will receive 33 x 3 = 99 units of additional bonus for kvass.