Fairy tale characters

Fairy tale characters #

Fairy tale characters

In the land of clones, five fairy-tale characters live in the far corners: the Mumbling Head, Baba Yaga, Creaking Snag, Ghoul and Koschey. If you want to offer your help to them, you can do this on the “Fairy-Tale Characters” page (“Business” → “Fairy-Tale Characters”).

Friendship with fairy-tale characters #

Many residents of the land of clones, from the social status of “craftsman” and above, maintain friendly relations with fairy-tale characters. They give them resources and characteristics. These characters often amusingly deceive and tease overseas money-bag traders. The characters sometimes hide the gold they win from these merchants on the land of clones, burying the coins in the ground. Guards of houses and settlements regularly report treasures found. Also, for friendship with fairy-tale characters, your clones receive income in gold coins. The greater your contribution to friendship, the higher the rewards!

“Befriending a character” means giving him a certain amount of resources of a certain type. Fairy-tale characters, in turn, can offer their friends various magical artifacts.

The reserve of resources that you gave to the fairy-tale character can be used to participate in bidding at the auction for their proposals. If you win the auction, the character will ask you for help and in return give you a magical artifact. This artifact can be sold at the fair or used to gain additional specialized knowledge (as described below).

Suggestions from fairy-tale characters #

In order to receive an offer from a fairy tale character, you must win it at the Fairy Tale Auction. After winning the auction, you will receive an offer that will be displayed on a special page.

Table. Fairy-tale characters and elixirs

Fairytale characterRequired Elixir
Drumming HeadElixir of Wisdom
Baba YagaElixir of Life
Creaking snagElixir of Fortress
GhoulElixir of Happiness
KoscheyElixir of Unfading

A fairy-tale character will be waiting for you within 48 hours. If you do not have time to obtain the elixir and give it to the character during this time, the offer will disappear.

Magic artifacts #

An artifact is a magical item that allows you to temporarily (or in some cases even permanently) increase the amount of special knowledge of a certain type in your clone.

More specialized knowledge will allow your clone to receive more bonuses at government enterprises and apply for higher positions.

Win the right to an offer from a fairy-tale character and exchange a special elixir for a new magical artifact.

In addition, artifacts can be bought or sold at the fair from other players, both new and partially used.

General rules for wearing artifacts #

Artifacts can be used by clones with the social status “artisan” or higher.

For almost every type of special skills, there are 4 artifacts intended for the corresponding areas of wear: headdress, brooch, cape, item.

Each clone can equip up to 4 artifacts at the same time, with one artifact for each area of wear. However, you cannot equip two artifacts belonging to the same wearable area at the same time.

Table. Artifacts that increase special skills

Forestry skillsForester’s Magic HatMagic forest broochForester’s Magic CloakForester’s Magic Ax
Agrarian skillsMagic field hatMagic field broochMagic field mortarMagic Field Boots
Mining skillsMagic mountain capMagic mountain broochMagic Mountain CloakMagic mining drill
Ore mining skillsMagic ore capMagic ore BroochMagic ore rodMagic ore hammer
LogisticsThe charioteer’s magic capCharioteer’s magic broochThe charioteer’s magical caftanCharioteer’s magic reins
CutCutter’s magic hoopCutter’s magic broochCutter’s magic cloakCutter’s magic loupe
Jewelry ArtJeweler’s magic hoopJeweler’s magic broochJeweler’s magic cloakJeweler’s magic engraver
Medical skillsMagic medical wreathMagic medical broochMagic medical cloakMagic medical retort
Steel rolling skillsBlacksmith’s magic capBlacksmith’s magic broochBlacksmith’s magic cloakBlacksmith’s magic hammer
Port skillsPortman’s magic hatPortman’s magic broochPortman’s magic cloakPortman’s magic pipe
Knowledge of military affairsWarrior’s Magic Cocked HatWarrior’s Magic BroochWarrior’s Magic CloakWarrior’s Magic Wand
Knowledge of tradingMerchant’s Magic HatMerchant’s Magic BroochMerchant’s Magic CapeMerchant’s Magic Scales
Knowledge of alchemyAlchemist’s Magic HatAlchemist’s Magic BroochAlchemist’s Magic CapeAlchemist’s Magic Pen

For the artifact to take effect, it must be put on the character. The artifact can be worn when working at a government enterprise that requires relevant skills.

When purchasing a new artifact, its initial durability is 31 days. The duration of the artifact is 30 days, and its durability is reduced only if it is worn by a clone. The artifact’s duration does not decrease if it is removed.

If the artifact is equipped on a character, then every 24 hours from the moment of equipping it will temporarily add special knowledge of a certain type to that already possessed by the clone. This happens according to a special rule, which is described below.

If a clone wearing artifacts continues to work at the corresponding enterprise, then each time the artifact is triggered, he can gain additional knowledge in the range from 100 to 500. The amount of additional skills is determined randomly and remains with the clone forever.

Table. The probability of obtaining additional knowledge for each artifact depending on the number of equipped artifacts for knowledge of the same type

Artifacts equippedProbability, %

Once an artifact is equipped on a character, it cannot be removed for 25 hours.

When a clone removes an artifact, all temporary knowledge gained thanks to the artifact is immediately subtracted from the clone’s total knowledge. The accumulated stock of knowledge is stored on the artifact itself. However, the knowledge that was permanently added to the clone remains with it. If you equip this artifact again, the temporary knowledge accumulated on it will immediately be added to the clone’s existing knowledge. This knowledge will then grow in accordance with the rules of the artifacts, as usual.

When the artifact’s durability drops to zero, it will disappear, and the temporary knowledge added thanks to it is subtracted from the clone’s total knowledge (with the exception of permanent ones). Please keep this feature in mind if you use artifacts to increase the level of special skills and advance a clone through the career ladder. In many companies and positions, there is a principle of dismissing employees if they have less skills than other applicants.

Attention! It is prohibited to manipulate artifacts in order to receive bonuses at state-owned enterprises without writing off the durability of the artifact at the scheduled time.

The principle of accruing skills from magical artifacts is as follows:

When the artifact is equipped on a character, each day it temporarily increases the level of special skills. This additional bonus increases every day in arithmetic progression. On the first day of wearing a clone artifact, his skills increase by +40, the next day by +80, on the third day by +120, and so on. The maximum additional bonus that can be received on the last day of wearing the artifact is +1,200 to special knowledge.

This principle of skills accrual helps the clone to temporarily increase his specialized skills every day and thus receive bonuses in state-owned enterprises.

Table. Skills accrual

Wearing dayBonus for this dayTotal increase for this day
Day 140+40
Day 28040 + 80 = +120
Day 312040 + 80 + 120 = +240
Day 30120040 + 80 + 120 + … + 1200 = +18 600

Formula for calculating the total bonus for a specific day:

Bonus = ( 40 x (1 + X) / 2 ) x X,

Where X is the serial number of the day.

The amount of skills that is temporarily added by an artifact is not taken into account in calculations where a certain limit of skills is required or where skills are consumed, for example, when increasing military rank.