Hunting #

Livestock breeding

Hunting is an almost automatic process. You only need to purchase all the attributes necessary for hunting and send the clone to the hunting ground.

Hunting in the world of clones has its own characteristics and goals. For example, instead of killing animals, clones use tranquilizers to stun animals and obtain forest gifts. These gifts have different uses in the game. Each type of animal gives a certain type of forest gifts:

Table. Types of forest gifts

Handful of nutsHandful of nuts
Basket of mushroomsBasket of mushrooms
Basket of berriesBasket of berries
Barrel of HoneyBarrel of honey

Forest gifts are used for the following game actions:

Thus, hunting becomes an important component of the gameplay, allowing players to make various use of the acquired resources and improve their character in the game world.

Hunting is carried out on the territory of hunting grounds in the principalities of the land of clones. Any prince can develop his hunting grounds. Grounds management is carried out on the “Hunting Grounds” tab (“Investor” → “Principalities” → “Hunting Grounds”) in your principality.

Every day, hunters receive payments from various government funds and participate in competitions where they can earn gold coins. You can find detailed information about it all in this section.