Hunting grounds

Hunting grounds #

Different types of animals live in different types of hunting grounds. Different types of guns are needed to hunt them.

Types of animals and forest gifts #

When hunting, hunters use cartridges that do not injure animals, but, on the contrary, calm them down. Therefore, after you have caught an animal, it will beg for mercy and offer a ransom - a certain amount of forest gifts.

Table. Types of grounds, animals, guns and gifts

Type of groundsBeastgunRansom (forest gifts)
Spruce forestMartenHunting rifle for martenHandful of nuts
Oak forestFoxFox hunting rifleChanterelles
Forest-steppeWolfWolf hunting rifleHop
Broadleaf forestBoarBoar hunting rifleTruffles
PineryDeerDeer hunting rifleBasket of mushrooms
Mixed forestMooseMoose hunting rifleBasket of berries
Birch forestBearBear hunting rifleBarrel of honey

Your clone can eat a certain amount of forest gifts (the corresponding button is present in the inventory or storage; just hover over the number of gifts). Each gift eaten will increase the Clone Luck stat by the specified value. This characteristic is required to participate in the Lucky Clone competition.

Ground selection #

Hunting and hunters are managed on the “Hunting Lodge” tab.

Before you start hunting, you need to do the following:

  • purchase a hunting license for the desired animal;
  • equip the character with the gun necessary to hunt the selected animal;
  • have at least 50 cartridges for this type of gun;
  • wear additional uniform (optional).

You can equip weapons and ammunition on the “Character” page, in the inventory or in the storage, as well as directly on the “Hunting Lodge” page.

After that, you should choose the principality to hunt in. To do it, click on the green circular arrow to the right of the hunter clone’s name. The desired type of gound will be selected automatically, depending on the type of gun equipped. To select another principality, click the “Leave goround” button.

To start hunting, click the “Start Hunting” button.

To stop the hunt that has already started, click the “Stop Hunting” button.