Hunting process

Hunting process #

The hunting process is automatically divided into cycles of 15 minutes each. Four such cycles occur per hour. During one hunting cycle, the clone fires shots and receives forest gifts.

Each hunt cycle proceeds as follows:

  • 50 rounds are reserved from the clone’s inventory;
  • calculations provided by the program are performed;
  • forest gifts are added to the clone’s inventory;
  • unused cartridges are returned to the clone’s inventory (if any);
  • if a success, the clone receives a part of the map to participate in the “Great Hunter” competition;
  • If the conditions for ending the hunt are met, the clone automatically ends it. Otherwise, the hunt continues and a new cycle begins.

The hunt ends automatically in the following cases:

  • the clone’s hunting license has expired;
  • gun durability dropped down to 0;
  • the clone has run out of the cartridges (and they were not automatically purchased);
  • the principality has run out of beasts. You can also complete the hunting process yourself at any time.

In the hunting lodge you can enable the function of automatical purchasing cartridges before each hunting cycle, if there are not enough of them (by checking the appropriate box above the list of hunters). If this setting is activated, then ammo will be automatically purchased up to 50 before each hunting cycle. To display this setting, you should first select a clone from the list.

Important: If you intend to use only the ammo that you have now, you should not enable this setting to avoid unexpected gold coin costs. This function will use gold coins from the game account until they are completely depleted.