How to become a hunter

How to become a hunter #

To become a hunter, you need to go to the “Hunting” page (“Business” → “Hunting”).

In order to become a hunter, you must purchase:

  • hunting license;
  • weapons with which you can go hunting;
  • gun charges;
  • additional uniform (optional).

To purchase the necessary attributes for hunting, you can visit the “Hunting Lodge” section. You will see two columns on the page – “Storage” and “Inventory”. On the right side of the page, click on the name of the clone for which you want to purchase attributes. These columns display the items currently in the selected clone’s storage or inventory. You can switch item types using the yellow arrows. To purchase a new item, click on the appropriate icon (“Weapons”, “Equipment” or “Ammo”).

Used weapons and equipment can also be purchased (or sold) at the fair.

To hunt each type of animal you will need a specific set of hunting equipment, such as tickets, guns and cartridges. Additional equipment is suitable for all types of animals.

Hunting ticket #

A hunting license is purchased for each individual clone and is valid for 240 days. One hunter can have one ticket of each type.

Table. Cost of hunting tickets and clone status

Type of ticketRequired statusCost, gold

It is important to note that for each social class a certain type of animal is strictly assigned. For example, a craftsman will not be able to purchase a license for a bear, and an emperor will not be able to purchase a license for a marten.

As the clone’s social status increases, it can continue to use its existing license. He can also purchase another license corresponding to the new status and hunt under both licenses alternately.

Important. The hunting ticket cannot be sold or transferred to another clone.

To purchase a ticket at the hunting lodge, click on the ticket icon located to the right of the name of the desired clone. If the clone does not yet have a ticket, the Deadline column will show “Out of Stock”. If the clone already has a ticket, its validity period will be indicated. When purchasing a new ticket, your existing ticket will be extended for an additional 240 days.

Ticket drawing #

In addition to purchasing tickets, each prince has the opportunity to receive any type of ticket absolutely free. This opportunity is available in a drawing that is held on an ongoing basis.

The terms of participation:

  • to be a prince;
  • have at least one developed hunting area of any type;
  • the principality must be repaired;
  • there should be no hungry clones on the account;
  • There should be no broken properties or settlements on the account.


  • the maximum duration of any hunting ticket is 24 hours;
  • tickets are received by clones with the social status “prince”. If there are several principalities on the account, all clone princes participate in the drawing;
  • if the winning clone already has another ticket for the hunt, the new ticket will not affect it;
  • the prize can be received at any time of the day;
  • winners will be notified of the prize via in-game email;
  • the ticket validity period begins from the moment the notification is received;
  • to have a chance to win a ticket of any type, you must have land with the corresponding type of animal;
  • The more land available, the higher the chance of winning!

Weapons for hunting #

Hunting different types of animals requires different weapons.

Table. Cost of hunting rifles

NameBeastCost, gold
Hunting rifle for martenHunting rifle for martenMarten0.5
Fox hunting rifleFox hunting rifleFox1
Wolf hunting rifleWolf hunting rifleWolf2.5
Boar hunting rifleBoar hunting rifleBoar4
Deer hunting rifleDeer hunting rifleDeer5
Elk hunting rifleElk hunting rifleElk10
Bear hunting rifleBear hunting rifleBear15

A hunter can have multiple guns of each type, but can only carry 1 gun at a time. To do this, he must have a suitable hunting license. Without the appropriate ticket, it is impossible to equip a gun. Each type of hunting weapon has a durability of 18,000 shots. Durability decreases when fired. When a gun’s durability reaches 0, it is considered to be completely worn out. To continue hunting, you need to replace the gun.

Each gun has an “Accuracy” parameter, which determines the probability of successfully hitting the target. For guns for marten and fox this parameter is 25%, while for other guns it is 20%.

In addition, each gun has the “Accumulated Bonus” characteristic, which displays the number of accurate shots (captured animals) over the past 24 hours. If you remove the gun from the clone, the accumulated bonus will remain saved.

It is important to remember the following:

  • If a gun with 0 durability is manually removed, it will immediately disappear and the accumulated bonus will be lost;
  • If the gun is not removed manually, the next day the “Sharp Shooter” subsidy payments will be credited to it according to the number of “Accumulated Bonus” units. After this, the gun will automatically disappear.

Hunting weapons can be sold at the fair to other hunters.

Ammo #

Each type of hunting guns has its own type of cartridges. Ammo is consumed when firing.

Table. Cost of cartridges for hunting

NameBeastPrice, gold
Cartridges for hunting rifles for martenCartridges for hunting rifles for martenMarten0.0008
Cartridges for hunting rifles for foxesCartridges for hunting rifles for foxesFox0.0015
Cartridges for hunting rifles for wolvesCartridges for hunting rifles for wolvesWolf0.003
Cartridges for hunting rifles for boarCartridges for hunting rifles for boarBoar0.005
Cartridges for deer hunting riflesCartridges for deer hunting riflesDeer0.0075
Cartridges for elk hunting riflesCartridges for elk hunting riflesElk0.014
Cartridges for bear hunting riflesCartridges for bear hunting riflesBear0.02

Before the start of each hunt cycle, ammo is reserved from the clone’s inventory. Ammo that was not used during the hunt is returned to the hunter’s inventory. To start hunting, you must have at least 50 cartridges of the required type.

In the hunting lodge, you can set up an automatic purchase of ammunition if there is not enough ammunition at the beginning of the next hunting cycle. In this case, ammunition will be purchased automatically as long as the hunter continues to hunt and there are enough funds in the account.

Additional uniforms #

To improve shooting accuracy during hunting, you can, if you wish, purchase additional hunter equipment. This can be done at a hunting lodge or at a fair.

Table. Cost of ammunition for hunting

AmmunitionCost, gold
Hunting bootsHunting boots1.2
Raincoat tentRaincoat tent2
Hunting bagHunting bag1
Hunting knifeHunting knife1.5

A hunter can equip only one item of each type, that is, a total of 5 items. Each type of hunter equipment is designed for 21,000 shots. Durability decreases when fired from a gun.

Each of these items increases the hunter’s chance of a successful hit (Accuracy parameter) by 1%.